Do all little girls like standing on their heads?

leggings by Needle and Ted

When deciding what my girls should wear in the morning, we are are looking for three main things:

  1. Comfort
  2. Style
  3. and the ability to stand on ones heads without showing ones underwear. (Fact: my girls spend 40% of their day standing on their heads.)

With this in mind I set to work to come up with a design using the organic navy Ministar fabric sent to me by Nosh. A fabric bundle of joy, that also contained some sumptuous magenta Flamé.

Nosh fabric is divine, the quality is exceptional, so I didn’t want to waste a single scrap of fabric making something that wasn’t going to be worn (a lot).

groove dress by Needle and Ted for Madeit Patterns

The task: To make something quick and easy but bursting with style.

Target: Sew it up within 1 hour. But, like Jamie Oliver’s 30 Minute Meals, this does not include preparation time; making the pattern, adjustments, cutting the pattern, etc.

circle dress_side on made by Needle and Ted

Using the ‘make it up as you go along – hope for the best – freestyle method’, I came up with a simple, fresh and chic, circle dress with a high low hem. You know I love a high low. And I couldn’t be more pleased with the beautiful result.

circle dress by Needle and TedScout loved it from the moment she put it on. She immediately started to jump and spin and dance around. Don’t you just love it when a dress has that effect on a child? I still have moments like that myself and I’m not afraid to admit it.

circle dress 2

I am so pleased with the dress that without doubt, I will be making many, many more. Now that I’ve made the pattern, I could whiz one up in the time it takes my 8 year old to put her shoes and coat on.

Infact, I think it has Madeit Patterns quality, so we have decided to develop and refine it (add more body), grade it and make it into a Madeit Pattern for our next collection. So watch this space, soon you could be making a Groove Dress for a little one in your life.

random word

You may be wondering how come up with name ‘Groove Dress’. It’s just a temporary name, randomly generated. I had six words to choose from. Well? Which one would you have chosen?

circle dress by Needle and Ted

Ok, so the Groove Dress is a) comfortable b) stylish but… it has a fundamental flaw, c) no ability to stand on ones heads without showing ones underwear.

circle dress and leggings by Needle and Tedcircle dress and leggings by Needle and Ted

But that’s easy to rectify – leggings! and matching ones to boot.

leggings made by Needle and Ted

I was itching to use my Japanese sewing book again, I found a pattern for leggings in Sew Sweet, the ones the little girl is wearing on the front cover. Unlike any other leggings I have sewn, they had a seam down the outer leg as well as the inner leg. I can’t really see much benefit in this, unless you want to add some piping or something down the outer seam or use a different fabric at the front or back perhaps. However, the leggings turned out a perfect fit, without any alterations, and I got my Japanese sewing fix for the month. Result!

leggings by Needle and Tedleggings cuff detail // NEEDLE AND TEDL eggings_back_label NEEDLE AND TED

The pattern features a cute little lace detail at the cuff of the leggings, but I used some fancy bias tape that I got from La Droguerie, when I went to Paris. I followed the detail through to the inside back of the leggings and even Scout was impressed. It makes me smile when she notices these little things.

circle dress by Needle and Ted

By the way, can you see the small black stars on the fabric? They are very subtle, you could easily miss them, but I really like that the stars are not over powering. Great for a dress that’s all about the contemporary silhouette.

magenta harem pants by Needle and Ted As well as the navy Ministar, my little fabric bundle of joy also included some magenta Flamé. I didn’t have much, but enough for some harem pants, the ones I made last year are too short already. magenta harem pants by Needle and Tedmagenta harem pants by Needle and Ted

The pattern is self drafted, Scout will definitely wear them (a lot) because they’re PINK!!!! after all.

circle dress by Needle and Ted

So, if you are keen to find out when the Groove Dress comes on sale at Madeit Patterns, follow us on Facebook to get the early low down.

31 thoughts on “Do all little girls like standing on their heads?

  1. When looking at those words and the dress… Astounding also comes to mind! I am defenitelly Looking forward to this dresspattern. My girls would love this stylish and comfy dress!


  2. This is definitely something I want to make! I LOVE it! I’m not on FB but maybe you’ll announce the release on IG or here, too? I can’t wait to make this one!


  3. I love the groovy dress! Please try to make the pattern go up to 12/14 size…. so many cute patterns stop at 10/12 and this one is perfect for all ages. Really cute and twirly!!! But not necessarily just little girly…


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