Spot the difference

DPstudio sweatshirt_11_Nosh fabric_NeedleandTed

That’s right, you got it, no Pat Butcher earrings on the left. You wouldn’t catch me wearing earrings like that (…any more¬†ūüėČ). And my right shoulder is down instead of up, I blame my sister, she was directing the shot. I certainly need more practice at this modelling malarky.¬† Continue reading

Is copying really the highest form of flattery?

Groove Dress_mustard_stripes_4

I have a friend who copies me even to the point of ordering the same food at a restaurant. Every. Single. Time. I find myself purposely not showing her things or telling her where I get things from for fear that moments later she’ll be Googling¬†and adding to basket.¬†I don’t feel flattered, I¬†feel irritated. She’s a chronic copy cat, infringing on my self expression,¬†it’s a form of¬†identity theft but without the¬†consequences.


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I love it when someone tells me they like what my kids are wearing

Wiggle and Groove3_Nosh fabric_Needle and Ted

I feel proud¬†and smug at the same time if¬†it’s¬†something I’ve made. It’s much more of a compliment than “Did you make that?”.

Last week whilst out with my girls a lady stopped us,¬†“They look lovely, in their matching outfits” she said nodding towards my girls.

“Thank you” I replied, resisting the urge to splurt out ‘I made their clothes’.

I’m not¬†like my mum,¬†my mum looks about 20 years younger than she actually¬†is. She always has done, well not before she was 40, that would be weird. But at¬†any opportunity (or even when there isn’t an opportunity) she mentions her age. If¬†fishing for compliments were an¬†Olympic¬†event, she’d¬†win the gold medal. Continue reading

Like ice cream, (only warmer).

Cocoon dress_Nosh fabric1

When my delicious Stretch College Stripe arrived in the post from Nosh, Darcy made all the same sounds as I did after stroking it affectionately and holding it against her cheeks. (Come on, I know you do that too.) It reminded us of soft, smooth, sweet ice cream (only warmer).

Cocoon dress_Nosh fabric

I had just one dress in mind; the Cocoon Dress. Scout has one already, now one for¬†Darcy. Darcy¬†didn’t want the shoulder frills. ‘Say what!’ A Cocoon Dress without shoulder frills is like cake¬†without icing. OK, just as lovely but a little less sweet. Fine! Continue reading

I go shopping in my activewear

NOSH_fantasia shorts set_needleandted_1

Have you noticed an increase in people wearing activewear in Sainsbury’s, on the Underground, collecting kids from¬†school…¬†pretty much anywhere. And none of them have¬†actually been to or are¬†even thinking about¬†going to the gym or doing any form¬†of workout whatsoever.

It’s a weird trend that’s happening, people wearing running tights and trainers as¬†general attire to do everyday mundane things. Continue reading