Fashion Rebel Outfit Maker. Book review and **GIVEAWAY**


A week or so ago an email quietly pinged to my inbox from Thames & Hudson asking if I was interested in reviewing a fashion book for kids. Fashion Rebel Outfit Maker is ‘a sketchbook for daring young fashion rebels who want to create their own stylish looks.’ I immediately said yes as I thought Darcy would love to play around designing her very own fashion collection. Secretly, I wanted to give it a go myself, the book is aimed at children age 8 plus, but hey! my inner child is 10 years old.

The front cover of the book is well designed and looks good enough to grab attention, but as we all know, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover… Continue reading

Madeit Fashion Week: the round up (and win a €50 NOSH voucher)

Welcome to Day 6

Sadly this is the last day of Madeit Fashion Week. We have had a blast.

The most stunning outfits hit the runways over the last few days and the participants showed that their creative talents did not end at sewing.


Seen at Fairies Bubbles & Co


Seen at Diorella-n

MadeIt Fashion Show2 001f

Seen at In a Manner of Sewing

Girl like the sea / Madeit patterns / FOLD collection

Seen at Girl Like the Sea

We saw some phenomenal origami structures, created to keep the theme running seamlessly through. Continue reading

Madeit Fashion Week: Day 6

Welcome to Day 6 of Madeit Fashion Week

Sadly this is the last day of Fashion Shows for 2015, tomorrow there will be a round up over at Swoodson Says and Climbing the Willow. This has been so much fun I might just sneak in a little eye candy or two tomorrow, but just for all you VIPs out there.

Thank you so much for tuning in on Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4 and Day 5. I hope you have enjoyed the shows even half as much as I have.

Now sit back, enjoy the music and marvel the amazing creations hitting the runway today.

Matrix Polo and Pocket Fold Trousers made by Fruits de Mere. Pattern by Madeit PatternsFirst up we have Dino, he is 3 years old, he likes the beach, pancakes and everything in red. He dislikes mushrooms, brushing his teeth and tidying up his toys.

They say ‘you are what you eat’, I don’t think Dino is a pancake. But men like meat and women like sweets, so draw your own conclusions.

Dino is wearing a Matrix Polo with Book Fold Trousers. Continue reading

Madeit Fashion Week: Day 5

Welcome to Day 5 of Madeit Fashion Week

Day 1Day 2Day 3 and Day 4 were incredible. The origami was fierce. The outfits were stunning. The kids rocked. The shows have delivered on every level and today we have 4 more completely amazing shows, the question is ‘can you handle it?’

Grab your seats ladies and gents, the show is about to begin…

dianaJust look at Manuel, what a star. He is 8 years old, he likes building Lego, meatballs and riding his bike. He dislikes cleaning his room, grilled cheese and scary movies. Though he certainly looks like a guy who can handle a scary movie.

Manuel is wearing a Kite Fold Tee, with Book Fold Trousers. Check him out on the runway at Miss Castelinhos Continue reading

Madeit Fashion Week: Day 4

Welcome to Day 4 of Madeit Fashion Week

If you missed Day 1Day 2 or Day 3 you can still see the shows [click on the link] I’m sure you knew that anyway.

Today we have not 1, not 2, but 6 shows, yes you heard it, 6 shows to get you in the party mood. If you’re not excited already, you will be. The ladies behind the sewing machines SMASHED IT!

So come on, let’s get this party started…

Mariea Fairies annd Bubbles2

Give it up for F. F is 6 years old.  She likes drawing, making others laugh and reading. She dislikes being on her own, people asking loads of questions (hint, hint) and scary movies.

I like scary movies if it means I can sit on the couch and loose weight. Research suggests that raised adrenalin levels when we watch scary movies, increase our metabolic rate. We burn a third more calories than usual while in a state of fear, that could be the equivalent of a small chocolate bar. Guess what I’m doing tonight? Continue reading

Madeit Fashion Week: Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of Madeit Fashion Week

I hope you didn’t miss Day 1 or Day 2, we’ve been having a blast. The talent has been incredible, full of energy and excitement. The fashion shows have delivered beyond expectation every time and today is no different.

Grab yourself a comfy seat, feel the music and feast your eyes on the beauty.

Seam Allowance6

First on the runway we have 3 year old Ivy, she loves nail polish, her dog Dotty and riding her bike. Her Balloon Fold Dress has already been proved to be a bike friendly.

She dislikes Ninja Turtles and following rules. But we all know rules are made to be broken.

See the full fashion show at Seam Allowance. COWBUNGA!

The first boy at Fashion Week, standing strong on the runway today is Santiago. He is 6 years old, he likes fashion, drawing and playing with his puppy Mia. He dislikes vegetables, waking up early and haircuts.

Santiago is wearing a Matrix Polo styled his way with jeans and trainers.

Check out the Fashion Show which also features his sassy 3 year old sister Catalina, at Creative Needle and Threads

Andreia MadeIt Fashion Show3 028Another brother and sister show is happening at In a Manner of Sewing.

Featuring adorable little Miguel who is just 2 1/2, he likes dogs, jumping on the sofa with his sister and his teddy bear Mickey Mouse. He dislikes holding hands in the street and being helped to do something. Well, not every child likes holding hands in the street, maybe he just prefers dancing in the street.

Miguel is wearing a Kite Fold Tee, with Oru shorts. A clever trick has been used to add a woven fabric into the Kite Fold Tee, hear all about it at the Fashion Show.

His big sister Joana is 4, she likes to invent nonsense songs, she likes running from waves with her brother at the beach and likes eating pasta. She dislikes soup and dislikes it when her brother steals her dolls. Joana is rocking a Pleat Fold Top with Petal Fold Culottes.


The last show today is owned by Missy, she is 5 years old, she likes Princesses, Pizza and monsters, but dislikes avocados, the costume Freddie wore at Halloween and baddies. Maybe she’ll like avocados when she’s 12, apparently our taste buds change every 7 years. Yeah, I didn’t believe it either but that’s what my brother told me so I thought I’d just write it into a blog post because it’s an interesting ‘fact’.

Missy is wearing a Pocket Fold Skirt. Click on over to the fashion show at As it Seams.

Win a Madeit pattern


Again today I will be posting a question about the Fashion Shows on Instagram or Facebook. Make sure you are following because if you are the first to correctly answer the question, you win a Madeit pattern of your choice.

20% off

20% OFF

If you like what you have seen on the runway today, then strut your funky stuff on over to Madeit Patterns and use code MFW20 to receive 20% off all patterns in the FOLD|2 collection.

€50 voucher for NOSH to be given away


Madeit Fashion Week is sponsored by NOSHNOSH fabrics are made from soft organic cotton, which is very gentle for the skin. The quality of NOSH fabric is no less than amazing. NOSH are generously letting me give away €50 vouchers for their online shop during Madeit Fashion Week. To be in with the chance of winning one of the vouchers look out for our prompt I posted on Instagram yesterday.

And please leave a comment at the end of the Fashion Shows today about any origami creations you have seen, this will help us choose Fashion Show participant to win a €50 NOSH voucher too.

I hope you have enjoyed the shows so far. See you tomorrow for Day 4 of Madeit Fashion Week.

And don’t forget you can see the highlights of all the shows on Instagram #madeitfashionweek

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