We have a winner…

ruffle top4 made by Needle and Ted

…Actually we have 3.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 16.56.56

A few weeks ago I asked for some advice on how to get a child to keep still during a photoshoot. I got some really fun and clever suggestions but my absolute favourite was musical statues from Elizabeth. I shall be trying this great idea during my next shoot with my 3 year old. It may just do the trick. Thank you Elizabeth and everyone else who left a comment and played along.

If you haven’t yet received your Elegance & Elephants pattern Elizabeth, please let me know.

Needle and Ted

Earlier this week I asked two questions about NOSH fabric and my very pink bike.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 17.09.08 Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 17.09.30

I think my questions must have been FAR TOO EASY because it didn’t take long at all for Jenny and Diana to get them right. Well done Jenny and Diana and thank you to everyone else who left a comment.

1m of Nosh fabric black Star Jacquard is on it’s way to Jenny and Diana.


NOSH fabric giveaway

STAR Jacquard Black by NOSH (1)I received this amazing fabric from NOSH and immediately felt the need to drape it over my shoulders whilst looking in the mirror and imagining all the lovely things it could become. I know this blog was originally meant to be about what I sew for my 2 daughters but sorry girls, this fabric is mine, all mine, I’m keeping it and you can’t have it. Do I feel guilty? Nope! What I make for myself will last me years, I will appreciate every little handmade detail, I will continue to like stars way past next week, I will not dribble toothpaste down it, I will not wear it during ‘attack time’ with daddy and I will not dump it on the floor before I go to bed (actually I can’t guarantee that one).
_0001_Else made by Needle and TedYou may be wondering why I am wearing a pink cycle helmet. I cycled to the park with my sister for her to take these pictures and we both agreed, hat hair is not a good look. Continue reading

16 sewing patterns to be GIVEN AWAY

ruffle top6 made by Needle and Ted

‘Pretty’ is not how I would usually describe the things I make for my girls. There is nothing pretty about grey, my usual colour of choice. But this blog post features a pretty girl, with pretty eyes, wearing a pretty flowers in her hair, in a pretty blouse, made out of pretty fabric. And just so that the overload of pretty doesn’t make you want to vomit, I toned it all down with a pair of jeans. Continue reading

The dangers of sharing a changing room

I was in H&M with my sister and we both had items we wanted to try on. It was busy so we had to queue for the changing rooms. When we got to the front of the queue I told the sales assistant that we would go in together. I thought it would save time and we like to get each others opinion on what we look like, we do that quite often.

“No, you can’t do that,” said the surly sales assistant.

“Why not?” I asked, a little astonished that this could cause an issue.

“Only one person is allowed in each cubicle. Health and safety.” she replied with a smile that suggested she thought she was doing us a favour. Continue reading

The challenge of photographing kids

Louisa dress/kite fold tee/origami pants made by Needle and Ted

It’s challenging taking photos of young children, even more so when there are two of them. During this photo shoot for Stylo magazine I had a lot doubt about my photography skills.

American Gothic by Grant Wood was not my inspiration, but the serious expressions on the faces of my 2 models is more art than high fashion. I can roll with that. Continue reading

Amazing cutting method that will blow your mind

subtraction_C3 by Needle and Ted

If you haven’t seen Stylo magazine you must go check it out, it’s full of stunning photography of kids clothes that you will never believe are all handmade. And guess who is featured in Issue 4!

subtraction_C5 by Needle and Ted

I did quite a few looks for the magazine that I will blog about in the coming weeks, but first of all I wanted to share with you my favourite look of all. Continue reading