It’s hard to not like something that’s amazing


Hello and Happy New Year to you all. I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since I officially started Needle and Ted. Time to reflect (briefly).

I’ve come a long way since my first pair of harem pants. I was a beginner back then and I can’t quite work out what, how or when my knowledge and skills advanced me to the next level. But at the end of last year I made these dungarees. Spot the difference.

And my fabric choices are now a lot more considered. Ikea is no longer the first place I look if I’m making a dress. Yes, I used to make dresses from Ikea upholstery fabric as standard, and I thought the word ‘drape’ just referred to curtains.

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A few of my favourite things


I was asked by Project Run & Play to write about a few of my favourite things. And of course Julie Andrews immediately popped into my head. I bet she popped into your head too, so come on press PLAY and sing along folks.

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Madeit Fashion Week 2016

Welcome to Day 5 of Madeit Fashion Week

Sadly this is the our last day of shows for 2016, but there will be a dramatic round-up on Monday, so please drop by.

Thank you so much for tuning in on Day 1Day 2,  Day 3, and Day 4, I hope you have enjoyed the shows even half as much as I have. Everyone finally got to present their interpretation of Drop and it has been a privilege to see.

But it’s not over yet, so grab a drink and enjoy todays sensational shows. Which incidentally and unintentionally all have a monochrome theme going on.

DJ, drop the beat!


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