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11 creative and talented bloggers have been busy making a Christmas inspired Florence for the Florence Christmas Blog Tour Competition.

The pattern by Anna from Madeit Patterns is a gorgeous blouse, perfect for little girls age 2 to 10 to wear to parties, the theatre or any special occasion where they can shine and sparkle. My daughter will be wearing hers on Christmas day.

Help me and Anna pick a winner, based on wow factor, creativity and originality, by leaving a comment below about what you like most about your favourites. The winning blogger will win a pattern of their choice from Madeit Patterns. Pop back every day until Friday to see all the amazing entries. Prepare to be impressed.

chalkboard my sweet sunshine chalkboard Made by Sara chalkboard Kimme sew crazy

chalkboard Bonnie and Lottietsewing sober2chalkboard Call Ajaire

climbing the willow

made by toya snowflake made by Toya

the crazy tailorGlitter and Wit


  1. fliegfederfrei

  2. glitter and wit

  3. the crazy tailor

  4. made by toya

  5. made by toya

  6. climbing the willow

  7. call ajaire

  8. sewing sober

  9. bonnie and lottie

  10. kimmie sew crazy

  11. made by sara

  12. my sweet sunshine studio


All week (until Sunday), you can receive 20% off everything at MadeIt Patterns. Get your Florence pattern, sew it up in time for Christmas, take a photo and post it on MadeIt Patterns Facebook Page and you too could be in with the chance to win a MadeIt pattern of your choice.

20 percent off

38 thoughts on “Florence Competition

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  7. Hi Olu, thanks for this series, I enjoyed it and love to see all creations by talented ladies. It’s hard to choose… I like all of them, they look gorgeous!! But to help you and Anna, I have to choose one, right :), so I pick Made by Toya’s creation. The white blouse with pom-pom is simply elegant as well as the blue shirt dress :).


  8. the outfit in My Sweet Sunshine is so fabulous! The suspenders complete the outfit. The young lady is ready for the party to start.


  9. My Sweet Sunshine is my my favorite. Just another one of her gorgeous creations with the perfect balance of color and texture with modern and classic style all rolled into one gorgeous outfit!


  10. I like them all but I LOVE the Made By Toya Ruffle blouse. I like the detail on the ruffles as ruffles are usually quite plain and I love the print. It makes me smile to look at it and I wish I could own one!


  11. They are all wonderful. They are all inspiring. It is very difficult to choose. So I have to go with the first entry I saw that made me immediately go and purchase the patterns. Glitter and Wit had me at “grumpy face”.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Oh what a choice. There are so many I like but I have looked and looked and firstly I managed to narrow it down to 3 Made by Sara No 11, Climbing the willow No 6 and Made by Toya No. 4. Arghhh. I am now going to put myself in both or your shoes and choose just 1. Arghhhh I say again.

    Right I am going to say the beautiful Umbrella shirt with a hint of Christmas Mary Poppins. Yep Made by Toya gets my vote. Well done to everyone who took part. It was fun coming back and seeing the daily makes. Hope you do one for Valentines.


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