Battle of the Stitches: Who copied who?

I stand accused

kill bill_1

I’m back, my first blog post of the year, but I desperately need to clear something up before I can ever write another blog post again. I stand here today, accused of stealing, yes stealing, stealing someone’s style. Taking it from them and claiming it to be my own.

I have to admit in the past I did shamelessly copy a Groove Dress, same fabric, same dress, but I put my hands up, I admit it and I bow my head in shame.

But this time, I am innocent, I swear and I need you to trust me and believe me.

The Defendant

ToyaMeet Toya, my single white female friend. It’s no secret that I love the clothes she makes for herself and her children. On many occasions, I have been jealous, envious and in total awe. And I may have even admitted several times to wanting to steal her 6-year-old daughter’s clothes. But I promise you, I did not steal Toya’s style.

kill bill_2

It is clear from the pictures above that someone copied someone, this look is no coincidence. Note the oversized sweatshirt, the pleats at the drop shoulder, the big balloon sleeves, the tight black leggings with bright yellow stripe, the black boots, the white background, the sewing blogger style pose. And the eyes, look at the eyes, do those eyes look guilty?

Let’s look at the evidence

In the following shots, I am wearing my me-made DP Studio sweatshirt, with leggings bought from H&M.

kill bill_9.jpg

kill bill_10.jpg

If any crime has been committed by me, it’s the crime of purchasing leggings rather than making them myself. I do not know who made my leggings, but it’s a terrible crime if children from a third-world country made them under poor and unsafe working conditions.

So, I bow my head in shame again, but I am taking steps to rectify this, at the beginning of 2019, I vowed to not buy any more clothes. Anything I need/want I will be making with my own two hands. This does not include underwear, socks or sportswear (…yet).

kill bill_11.jpg

kill bill_12.jpg

My leggings were not a recent purchase, if you check H&M online you will not find my leggings, the reason being that they are not this season. Ah ha! Meaning, I must have bought them aaaaaaages ago. I challenge you to find evidence that Toya made her leggings before I bought mine. EVIDENCE NO. 1

And I can also prove that my sweatshirt was made a very long time ago, from this blog post. Notice the date at the top ‘28 February 2018‘. Over a year ago. EVIDENCE NO. 2

I do not know what Toya has to say for herself, she’s an honest person and I am relying on her to tell the truth. She looks amazing in her outfit; strong, mighty and oozing confident, but where did the style idea come from?

Ladies and gentlemen, I urge you to read through the every blog post I have ever written, study every photo I have taken and then decide if I have stayed true to my style and if it is in my character or in my personality to commit such a hilarious crime.

kill bill_3

Sorry, I’m feeling a little faint, I’d like to take a break before I carry on, this is very upsetting for me.

[11:38 the accused leaves to the courtroom. 11:54 the accused returns to the courtroom.]

kill bill_4.jpgkill bill_7.jpg

Furthermore, I made myself a DP studio sweatshirt in gorgeous yellow Nosh fabric, shortly after making the black one. You can see why I felt the need to purchase the H&M leggings when I saw them. They bring both my sweatshirts together, making a cohesive collection along with my Madeit Patterns Strip Tee. It looks like they were all designed to be together.

kill bill_5.jpg

With the bright yellow sweatshirt and yellow stripe leggings, I was clearly going for that Kill Bill vibe.

kill bill_6.jpg

Although clearly, not as skilled in the art of the samurai as Uma. But I gave it a go.

kill bill_8.jpg

It feels powerful when I put on an outfit which expresses my mood and represents what I want to say without actually having to say it. But I hope I have said enough here today, I hope that you will see the truth.

I rest my case and leave the verdict to you.

Printkill bill_13.jpg

Weigh up all the evidence… do you find the accused guilty or not guilty?

11 thoughts on “Battle of the Stitches: Who copied who?

  1. Not guilty!

    It’s obvious the defendant is the copy cat.

    You are too cool for school and a badass to boot, you would never copy anyone’s style because you are busy doing your thing and being cool and stuff.

    You must forgive her though, she must like you a lot and just wanted to see what it was like being you for a day…can you blame her?

    I for one, adore your hysterical whit, humour and, of course…..your style.

    I’m off to purchase some yellow and black fabric….


    • 🤣🤣🤣 Thank you for believing in me. And I’m so flattered by your lovely compliments. Yes, I forgive Toya, as long as she promises not to wear her outfit next time we meet for lunch. Ha ha! Hope you find some suitable yellow and black fabric. Twinning is a thing but I’m not sure if tripleting is even a word. Lol!!!


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  3. I think an extra hearing with a jury MIGHT be in order. Obviously with a “fight-to-the-death” sewing challenge summer capsule style, since one outfit doesnt effectively encompass your whole style….. 😂😂😂


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