Taking the drop crotch to a whole new level



So I made myself some harem pants, I wore them immediately. Flattering, I’m not sure. Comfortable, hell yes. I took them on a test drive (to my mum’s house). “What are you wearing?” she says. Not to be confused with “What are you wearing?” Stress being on the ‘are’. 


So I showed her, cocking my leg up so she could be clear I was NOT wearing a skirt. “Ooooh I like them,” she says. I smile, I wasn’t expecting a compliment.

Rockbux4Throughout the day I get a fair few unexpected compliments about my ‘what-are-you-wearing’ pants. My smile lingers on.


“They’re very you” says a friend. Is that a compliment? I’m not sure. Should I be grateful, offended, embarrassed? I think it’s a way of saying ‘I would never wear them, but you go ahead’. Like giving me permission to be a little less ordinary. I’ll take it as a compliment, I don’t mind harem pants defining my style, and grey ones to boot. I’m just pleased that I found a sewing pattern for the lower part of my body that is quick to sew, I enjoy wearing and needs no major adjustments to accommodate my non standard waist, hips, bottom, thighs ratio.

Rockbux8The Rockbüx take drop crotch to a whole new level. Right the way down to the ankle in fact. I’m used to wearing harem pants but normally mine are a cross between a skirt and a pair of leggings. These are a cross between a skirt and a pair of socks.


I’m not usually the person who wears activewear for anything but the required activity but these could be considered as yoga pants for people who don’t do yoga. They have a thick elastic waistband and the perfect balance between style and comfort. Even a cartwheel is possible in the Rockbüx. Yep, I tried it.


When your taste in clothes is a little less ordinary, it’s not easy finding sewing patterns that suit your style. But hurrah, I found a pair of harem pants that I’ll be making more of. A pair in heavier fabric for autumn/winter but with more of leg next, a bit like these. And a pair in knit fabric so that I don’t have to spend 13 boring minutes of my day ironing them.


Well, what do you think? “Very me?”

20 thoughts on “Taking the drop crotch to a whole new level

  1. I made a Rockbüx once, too. And immediately knew that they are sooo not my thing. However, I LOVE them on you. it’s right: They are so you! And, no, not in a bad way, but you totally rock them!


  2. I had a pair that I purchased that were very similar. Alas, I never wore them. I lost so much weight that they didn’t fit and it would have been difficult to remake them. I now think it’s time to make my own thanks to you finding this pattern…….thank you, thank you, thank you!


  3. my suggestion for rockbux is skirt-trousers or trousers-skirt 🙂 very matching. I have a (rather pricy) about knee-length rockbux by Sarah Pacini (a bit more pencil -like – probably you get the idea),

    And yes, you can go out dressed like that and rock-ing it. Thank you for blogging, I really enojy your pattern selection and makes. Looking forward to making the bookfold trousers for my son!


    • Hi Zane Thank you for your comment. With clothes as pricey as Sarah Pacini, I just tend to Pin them to my Pinterest board, it’s one step up from window shopping 😉

      I hope you enjoy making the Book Fold Trousers, I’m sure they will look pretty cool on your son.


  4. Olu, these are freakin awesome! Please let me say that these are ‘so you’ as a compliment. If you see me wearing a cross between a skirt and a pair of socks you will be asking, “What ARE you wearing”. You have the most amazing sense style. And you do cartwheels. You are amazing 🙂 Love, mum of a rebel elf hahaha


  5. They are definitely you and you are crazy cool as always! I’m impressed they will accommodate a cartwheel, as I wondered if they would be a bit ‘penguiney’? I love them, I want them, and they’d be great for shoplifting…(ok that is a joke!)


    • Oh yes, cartwheel approved. Because at my age cartwheels are obligatory. Ha ha, I didn’t think of the shoplifting part, I’m now imagining 6 bars of chocolate and a packet of crisps down my harem pants.


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