Battle of the Stitches: the sportswear edit

dark activewear_7

Who knew that after 7 fearful battles, me and Toya would still be friends. Ducking and diving and approaching each challenge with gusto. Four years later and we still haven’t thrown the towel in.

It’s Battle of the Stitches Round 7 and we’re going strong, powerful and …


… Ommmmm!!!!!

dark activewear_6

Like a boxing match, this blog post may start a bit slow and non-eventful but hopefully, there’s a bit of excitement before the final round. I’m going for the knock out!

dark activewear_4

OK, so rather than a blow-by-blow account of events. I have three important things to say…


  1. Holy palooka! I made sportswear!!!!! I’m so frickin’ proud, I’m exploding with mild-mannered expletives.
  2. Adidas eat your heart out, I’m never buying sportswear again gosh darn it!
  3. Cor blimey! This sports lycra is the dogs danglies, go get some now you badass witches.

The end!

fight scene_Toya

Ok! ok! I know that’s not enough for all you sewing peeps but hey, not everyone can sew, not everyone knows the difference between a bobbin and a bodkin. Some people just like to read my blog, have a giggle (at my expense), admire my sewing prowess, look at the ‘pretty’ pictures and try to figure out which bits have been Photoshopped.

But for all you sewing people who want to know more, here’s the low down…

dark activewear_11

dark activewear_9

Outfit 1

Top: Madeit Patterns vest without a name. It’s part of a loungewear collection we are working on. It won’t be launching until 2020. Soz! But I think you’re going to love this pattern. It’s quick and positively addictive. This was my first sample, I loved it so much I made another, then another, right after that.

dark activewear_8

Bottoms: Helen’s Closet Avery Leggings they may look like just an ordinary pair of leggings but it’s not so much what they look like it’s how they feel, how they function and how they seduce you into making at least 3 pairs. These leggings are everything I ever wanted in a pair of leggings and more.

  • Size L (to fit my ‘powerful’ thighs)
  • Ankle length
  • 5cm added to the rise (standard for me)
  • High rise waistband at the back (I’ve got a lot to cover) graduating to low rise waistband at the front

blue activewear_1

Outfit 2

Top: Burda Style athletic tank top from the Cool Running collection. I searched high and low for a sports top with interesting colour blockable panels. This was just the ticket.

  • Size 40
  • Omitted the front zip (obvs! who wants that stress)
  • Omitted the fiddly overlapping straps and used the Fjara pattern to create a racerback (which nicely conceals my sports bra).
  • Unlined (the pattern is lined which makes for a nicer finish but I get very hot whilst working out, so an extra layer is not my friend)
  • Omitted the pointless seam running around the centre and made the lower centre front panel all one piece.

blue activewear_4

blue activewear_3

Bottoms: Helen’s Closet Avery Leggings same as above but colour blocked. The back of the waistband is black, the front is blue. Due to the added seam, there is a very slight restriction around the calf. Not enough to irritate when working out but enough to feel the need to be careful when removing from sweaty legs.

blue activewear_6

blue activewear_2

Fabric: Italian Matte Lycra from Fabworks. Oh my! This fabric is heavenly, it’s like Gillette – the best a man* can get. The quality is fantastic, an upper cut above the rest. Made from the finest two-way stretch Italian jersey. It’s quick-drying, anti-chaffing and has supreme breathability. So no unsightly sweat patches for me thank you very much. It’s also super stretchy and has a real luxury feel to it. Better fabric than any other leggings I have ever worn. I’m hooked.

blue activewear_5

So good, my everyday leggings are jealous of my sports leggings, it’s only fair that I get  more of this amazing fabric for my non-active escapades.

dark activewear_1

Outfit no 3

Top: Burda Style athletic tank top . You may notice if you check the Cool Running collection, that there is a crop top sports bra, which is literally the upper half of the athletic tank top. It doesn’t really make sense to buy the sports bra pattern when you can buy the athletics top and use the same pattern for both just by cutting the lower half away. I made the same alterations that I made on the tank but also choose to make mine a more modest cropped length and add wide elastic around the hem.

dark activewear_2

Because of the elastic, I can raise or lower where it sits around my middle.

dark activewear_3

Forget jab-right-cross, these leggings in this fabric is a perfect combination. They are soft, flattering and NOT SEE THROUGH!!! They have high shape retention power and provide light muscle support. I sewed every seam twice then overlocked all raw edges, so now they feel secure enough to squat, stretch and lift without the fear of exposing body bits that I’d prefer left covered.

dark activewear_10

Looking good enhances performance, is a well-documented fact. I put my outfits through some vigorous, intensive workouts (boxing, climbing, cycling, squash) and they did me proud.

This has been one of my favourite battles with Toya. I loved it so much my 1 intentional outfit became 4 tops, 3 pairs of leggings a swimsuit and a jacket. Find the other pieces in my feed over on Instagram.

Then shuffle off to Toya’s blog to see her knock out endurance bra and her unintentional Star Trek inspired workout gear.

Have you ever considered sewing your own sportswear?

I’m out of here! Thanks for stopping by.



*or woman)



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  1. According to my point of view, good sportswear has the following qualities such as it covers all the body’s second we cannot feel any hesitation to wear it. So I am too conscious while choosing sportswear. I always prefer that my sportswear should be flexible and easy to wear that makes my sports session more easy and comfortable.Bjj guards

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