Food, friends & fabric

2015 we did PARIS, 2016 we did LONDON, this year it was AMSTERDAM and oh what fun we had. For the most part, it was food, friends and fabric. Well, what else do you need on a sewing blogger meet up?

Actually, would you believe the fabric part was kept to a minimum, buying fabric that is. We were more interested in printing fabric. One of the highlights of our trip was a Bobbinhood Screen Printing Workshop. I took with me 1.3m of light pink Stretch Sweatshirting from NOSH fabric and a design idea that Scout had given me. It’s always good to involve my girls when making clothes for them. It’s a psychological trick just like when you let your kids cook with you and they happily eat things they would never have tried otherwise. Continue reading


Spots vs dots. Stripes vs lines.

dots and tiger stripes_leggings

You spot the difference and you dot your ‘i’s.

You cross the line and you earn your stripes.

But what’s the difference between a spot and a dot, a stripe and line? Maybe it’s a question for Helen & Olly because I can’t figure it out. Can you? Continue reading

See you at 6…

…and don’t be late

see you at 6_Darcy_1

I’ve often wondered about the effectiveness of someone telling you not to be late. Does it really work? Does it prevent traffic or falling asleep on the sofa? Or is there the assumption that you are purposely intending to be late? Wouldn’t they be better off simply saying, ‘Come early’? Continue reading

If the shoe fits…

…actually the shoe didn’t fit [insert crying emoji].

Tie back boots_Needle and Ted_1

I made a boo-boo [insert another crying emoji]. In my haste, I cut out a size 6 (as I’m a UK size 6), but I forgot that the pattern is US sizing [insert one more crying emoji, then get over it].

Tie back boots_Needle and Ted_2

So these Twig and Tale tie-back-boots are not for me as I intended. So who do they fit? Cinderella? Continue reading

The cool bit at the bottom of your bed


SLING Bag by Madeit Patterns_1

You know when you’ve been lying in your bed and you haven’t moved for a while. Then you stretch your legs out and are momentarily shocked by how cool it is down at the bottom of your bed. In some ways it’s quite a nice feeling to find that cool bit. So you move your legs around a little more searching for all the cool bits until all the cool bits become warm bits and suddenly your little cool bit game has sadly come to an end.

Continue reading