If athleisure is here to stay, should denim jeans should be worried?

I mentioned last year about the trend that was going on in London, people wearing activewear – everywhere. Well everywhere apart from the gym that is. But now it seems like people who actually go to the gym are wearing clothes that wouldn’t look out of place in a nightclub. The lines are blurred between high performance and high fashion.

I’ve noticed lots of women adding a fashionable flair to their activewear and bringing a bit of sass to their workouts. Wearing sports bras that are too good to hide and leggings with mesh panel inserts (yes we’re talking see-through) that are more work it than work out.

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Spots vs dots. Stripes vs lines.

dots and tiger stripes_leggings

You spot the difference and you dot your ‘i’s.

You cross the line and you earn your stripes.

But what’s the difference between a spot and a dot, a stripe and line? Maybe it’s a question for Helen & Olly because I can’t figure it out. Can you? Continue reading

Those anxious sewing feelings

Simplicity vintage pattern_1.jpg

I’ve been sewing for a while now but I still get those anxious feelings at the start of every project. Will I like it? Will it turn out the way I want it to? Will the fabric suit the pattern? Will I make a mistake? Will I run out of fabric? Will I finish it? Will it fit? Will it suit me/my daughter? Will she wear it? Will I wear it? Will.i.am? Continue reading

A few of my favourite things


I was asked by Project Run & Play to write about a few of my favourite things. And of course Julie Andrews immediately popped into my head. I bet she popped into your head too, so come on press PLAY and sing along folks.

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In and out of love with the Loveralls


It was love at first sight for me with the Loveralls. I bought my fabric straight after this blog post way back in March. I was going to make some Loveralls and wild denim horses were not going to stop me.

When I accepted the invitation to the Sewing Block Party, I was only after one thing, the Loveralls (of course) and I’m not ashamed to admit it. But the pattern was not ready and whilst everyone else at the party was excitedly sewing up other Petit a Petit Patterns, I was patiently waiting for the Loveralls.

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