If athleisure is here to stay, should denim jeans should be worried?

I mentioned last year about the trend that was going on in London, people wearing activewear – everywhere. Well everywhere apart from the gym that is. But now it seems like people who actually go to the gym are wearing clothes that wouldn’t look out of place in a nightclub. The lines are blurred between high performance and high fashion.

I’ve noticed lots of women adding a fashionable flair to their activewear and bringing a bit of sass to their workouts. Wearing sports bras that are too good to hide and leggings with mesh panel inserts (yes we’re talking see-through) that are more work it than work out.

So if athleisure (casual, comfortable clothing suitable for both exercise and everyday wear), is here to stay, does that mean it’s over for the denim jean? 

I think it might be for Darcy, as much as I love making jeans, this girls grows too fast and I can’t keep up. I was heartbroken when she grew out of her Jagger Jeans so quickly and I’m ashamed to tell you how little she wore her Loveralls.

I can whip up a pair of leggings in a matter of hours, but jeans take much, much longer, so it’s no wonder leggings have reigned supreme this year for my 10 year old baby giraffe.

And even I have spent more time in leggings than jeans in the last couple of years. The only jeans I seem to have on regular rotation are my 100% squat friendly jeggings from UNIQLO.

So if athleisure is here to stay, let’s embrace it

Darcy tells me she’s ‘not a girlie girl’, she doesn’t care for pink or anything cute or floral, she would much rather dress down than dress up, athleisure suits her style perfectly.

Blue has been her favourite colour for a very long time, so when I let her choose some fabric from NOSH she predictively went for light blue stretch sweatshirting.

I was conscious of a light blue top with light blue bottoms looking a bit like PJs so I added some navy rib to create a quirky detail at the bottom of each leg.

It was very straightforward, I took an adapted leggings pattern that I always use for Darcy (which has extra rise and extra length for her baby giraffe legs), I cut the pattern at an angle just below the knee and added seam allowance to join it back together again.


And if you’re wondering what going on at the top of Darcy’s leggings, let’s just call it self-expression. I made her some Play Pants to wear over her leotard for gymnastics, but she wanted to wear them over her leggings. Well, why not, Superman does it.

Play Pants are the latest pattern by Madeit Patterns, they are designed to be worn under floaty dresses for kids that couldn’t possibly go through a whole day without a handstand or cartwheel or 24. But they are equally as good for gymnastics, athletics, swimming, the beach, bed and sitting cross-legged in school assembly.

Free Pants

As luck would have it, I’m giving away 50 Play Pants patterns, to all you lovely readers of my blog. Head on over to Madeit Patterns, and use code ‘freepants50’ at the checkout.

You’re welcome.

To complete Darcy’s athleisure outfit I made a sweatshirt using the Hatteras Hoodie pattern by Hey June. I used matching ribbing for the neckband and cuffs. Matching ribbing is a luxury not to be sniffed at, when you see it, you need to take full advantage.

A couple of minor changes I made to the pattern

  • I deepened the cuffs making them twice as long.
  • I deepened the hem band by about 1 inch.

I used navy rib for the hemband and navy jersey (left over from my Drape Dress) for the piping between the twisted side seams. The Hatteras Hoodie includes 3 patterns, the other two have hoods 😉 It’s a quick and simple sew, Scout has already put her orders in.

NOSH hasn’t any navy jersey or rib in their shop at the moment but do have navy stretch sweatshirting. And their current colour palette includes other strong contrasts and soft pastels. 

The sweatshirt is suppose to be cropped, but since I sized up it didn’t turn out that way. I was tempted to shorten a couple of inches so that the Play Pants don’t get totally covered when worn together but I chickened out. My heart pumps a little faster in panic when I think about cutting into something I’ve made that is perfectly lovely just the way it is. I mean, what if I ruin it?And with the rate Darcy is growing, I’m pretty sure that it will become a crop top in no time.

So that completes Darcy’s athleisure outfit, she loves it and I think she’ll wear it everywhere. Comfort is key for this girl.


Have you been won over by athleisure? It’s no longer a trend, it’s a way of life.

Fabric: Stretch Sweatshirting (light blue) provided by NOSH Organics

Sweatshirt: Hey June HATTERS HOODIE

Shorts: Madeit Patterns PLAY PANTS

Leggings: Made them up as I went along

Poppy tattoo: Models own

Have a nice day guys.

Olu x

16 thoughts on “If athleisure is here to stay, should denim jeans should be worried?

  1. She is so cute, and baby giraffe fits her perfectly! She has some killer long legs! What a beauty. (I have a blue loving daughter as well 🙂 ) her outfit looks super cozy!


    • Last week Darcy asked my why people wear high heels, I said ‘ to make their legs look longer’ . She looked at me really confused and said ‘ Why do people want to make their legs look longer?’ Lol! I don’t think she appreciates her long legs yet.

      I hope you enjoy making your Play Pants. 😊


  2. Thank you so much! After my long list of to-do’s, I’ll get straight on to making a pair or two! My daughter spends more time on her hands than feet, so they’ll be perfect for a bit more cover.


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