My 2017 Fashion Resolution

If you had looked in my wardrobe last year and looked again this year, you would notice a big difference. It’s half full, or half empty (depending on how optimistic you are). “Why?” I hear you say, “Did the fashion police confiscate your harem pants?” Continue reading


A few of my favourite things


I was asked by Project Run & Play to write about a few of my favourite things. And of course Julie Andrews immediately popped into my head. I bet she popped into your head too, so come on press PLAY and sing along folks.

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What age do children start having an opinion on what they wear?

balloon fold vest_gathered skirt1

It’s got to that point now where I can’t choose Darcy’s clothes for her any more. At all. She has to be involved in the making process all the way. From choosing the fabric, to choosing the pattern to choosing the detail, the length. EVERYTHING. It’s a pain because it takes longer. But in the long run at least I know she’ll wear what I make her. Well actually, not always. Arrrgggh! It’s not easy having a 9 year old with an opinion*. Continue reading

Can’t get enough of Japanese sewing books

Tiered blouse_3

I don’t even remember how my love affair with Japanese sewing books started. My first Japanese Sewing book was a gift from my sister. She had seen it on my Pinterest ‘Wish List’ board, right next to the no colour, no flavour, plain, tasteless, minimalist packaging Nihilist Toothpaste.

She obviously assumed I’d prefer the sewing book to the toothpaste for Christmas. Continue reading