I go shopping in my activewear

NOSH_fantasia shorts set_needleandted_1

Have you noticed an increase in people wearing activewear in Sainsbury’s, on the Underground, collecting kids from school… pretty much anywhere. And none of them have actually been to or are even thinking about going to the gym or doing any form of workout whatsoever.

It’s a weird trend that’s happening, people wearing running tights and trainers as general attire to do everyday mundane things. If you don’t believe me, check this out.

NOSH_fantasia shorts set_Needle and Ted_7

Activewear has become a ‘thing’ on the streets of London, and I’ve been trying to figure out why. This is what I’ve come up with…

  • Running tights are more interesting than leggings
  • Trainers are more comfortable than shoes
  • Lycra doesn’t need ironing
  • It looks good with a Fitbit*

NOSH_fantasia shorts set_Needle and Ted_6

Whatever the reason, I think it must have been on my mind when I chose this red jersey from the new Fantasia collection at NOSH. And decided to make Darcy some activewear; a pair of sporty shorts with a matching racerback vest.

Nosh fantasia_shorts_front


Nosh fantasia_shorts_back


As usual my Nosh fabric did not disappoint. You really can’t go wrong with whatever you choose, the quality is excellent and it’s such a treat to be able to make things for my girls and myself with such exceptional quality fabric.

NOSH_fantasia shorts set_Needle and Ted_5

I made the shorts using a pattern from the Japanese sewing book Collection privée Filles & Garçons, which I got from Telaria as part of Paris Sew Social sponsorship last year.

shorts from book

It’s a Jersey Bermuda Shorts pattern but I shortened the leg considerably and added a slim cuff instead of a chunky band for a more sporty look.

NOSH_fantasia shorts set_3

The orange trim is not from Nosh, I had it in my stash and it matched perfectly, what are the chances of that?

I’m not sure if the pocket at the back of the shorts will ever get used, but I like how it looks and gives them a little uniqueness.

So that’s my Japanese sewing fix in for this month.

NOSH_fantasia shorts set_Needle and Ted_4

For the vest I wanted a racerback, so I simply adapted Madeit Patterns Balloon Fold Dress.

NOSH_fantasia shorts set_Needle and Ted_9

And I’m hoping Darcy will actually wear this little sporty number for sport (or at least handstands).

NOSH_fantasia shorts set_Needle and Ted_8

*Surely you have a Fitbit. And a NutriBullet? The ultimate health and fitness accessories.

Harem pants are always I good idea

Groove dress and harem pants_31

At least in our house they are (though my husband may not agree). I’ve made loads for my girls since I started sewing. And I don’t really need much of an excuse to make Scout more, she wears them a real lot, so it’s good to have them in every. single. colour.

Groove dress and harem pants_7

This pair is made from lovely Nosh Jersey Petrol. Scout is wearing it with a matching Groove Dress which I shortened into a top for Darcy.

It’s got to that point where the two of them can wear the same clothes but it just works differently on each of them.

It’s a size 9 Groove Dress which works as a high low top on Darcy but a loose dress on Scout. The question is, whose wardrobe should it live in?

I also added some cuffs to the Groove Dress/Top, with Nosh navy Denim College for that sporty retro look.

And after all that physical activity at the park it was time for ice cream.

Groove dress and harem pants_5

And guess why this was the last picture I took of Scout in her harem outfit?

8 thoughts on “I go shopping in my activewear

  1. Love love love both outfits! Those shorts look so cool. ❤ Also really like the cuffs on the dress, you're not helping my current obssession of wanting to turn every fabric into a groove dress!
    And yeah Icecream on a photoshoot, I had the same issue with chocolate already hahha but I photoshopped it out because hehehe


  2. You have no idea how many housewives here in the US that wears activewear as their every day clothes. In the beginning I was really impressed at how much then worked out….but then I realized what was really happening and was confused like you haha. Oh well, each to their own 😉 Love love love both outfits and your girls are freaking adorable!!


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