What’s the difference between a blouse and a shirt?


Do you know the difference between a blouse and a shirt? No, me neither and neither does Google. Ha ha, Google doesn’t know everything.

But I would say that a shirt always has buttons (not including t-shirts), whereas a blouse can be a blouse with or without buttons. I’m only talking about in the UK, this could get way out of hand if this becomes an international discussion.

Anyway, the point is, I made myself a blouse, without buttons, it’s definitely not a shirt.


Jude blouse


Pattern: Jude – Ready to Sew

Fabric: Grey with black stripes, cotton mix, found under my bed.


Alterations: Lowered the back to cover my biggest asset. Added a cuff to the sleeve.

Where’s the drama? The gathered raglan sleeve.

Oddities: Sleeve length.

Sewing nightmares: Gathering. I haven’t the patience for gathering, but I grin and bare it because I love the effect.


Does it spark joy? Yes, lots.

Can I wear it with things I already have? Yes, worn here with my Forever 21 slip on biker jeans that miraculously do not gape at the back.

Does it suit my body shape? I think so.

Will I make another? As a matter of fact I did…


Jude dress


Fabric: Twill from the man outside Sainsbury’s, Walthamstow market. Used before here.


Alterations: Pleats instead of gathers on the sleeve.

Where’s the drama? The pleated sleeve, high drama actually.

Oddities: None.

Sewing nightmares: It was past midnight when I made this dress, I really should have been in bed having sweet dreams.


Does it spark joy? Yes, I blimin’ love it.

Can I wear it with things I already have? Yes, I’m wearing it with black tights from Uniqlo, look closely to see the little blue spots that match the dress perfectly.

Does it suit my body shape? Yes.

Will I make another? Oh yes, I think I need one in Nosh Denim Sweatshirting+.


Music: Aretha Franklin – You make me feel like a natural woman.

15 thoughts on “What’s the difference between a blouse and a shirt?

  1. A shirt(not T) has buttons to the top collar and should traditionally be tucked in. I blouse does not have collars to the top but makes a V and has a rounded bottom that means it does not have to be tucked in. I happy to made a Wiki page on this. gather looks good and both “blouse” and dress look great. Oddities not the sleeve I wish all my sleeves were that length as that is my fav sleeve length.


    • Ha ha, you should make a Wiki page on that, I’m sure there are exceptions to the rule, but that’s a pretty go definition me thinks.

      Yes some people much prefer a 3/4 length sleeve but I like to wear my sleeves past my knuckles lol!!!


  2. Really cool, love the clothes you make! I have looked for this pattern on the website, is it in English? the pattern I mean, Would tou suggested I make a size smaller if I make it in a Jersey fabric? Thanks


    • Hi Momusewsilly, thank you. Yes the patten comes in English and French.

      I am planning another dress in sweatshirting and I will not be going down a size, but I will alter the sleeve for a tighter fit from the bicep downwards. I would recommend a sturdy knit fabric if you are making the dress.

      As for the blouse, if I were making it in jersey then yes I would go down a size.


  3. Oh my, that dress version: loving it! On IG I thought it was sewn in jersey/knit fabric, but now I see it isn’t. I guess that would work just as well, no? (and adding a bit of drama to the making-off probably ;-))


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