A stealth ninja in floral PJs

Floral PJs_ NeedleandTed_1

The days when silk pyjamas were worn as elegant evening attire are over (I think). But soft, cosy cotton ones are here to stay (I hope). Don’t get me stated about those slovenly people who wear their pyjamas to the supermarket and on the school run, we could be here a while. But staying in your PJs (at home) on a lazy Sunday morning is perfectly acceptable I say. Especially if they are handmade and as cute as these.

Floral PJs_ NeedleandTed_3

The beautiful, floral jersey is from Luckyshop0228. If you thought mummy bear’s bed was soft you should feel this fabric. Move on Goldilocks.

Floral PJs_ NeedleandTed_6

“What pattern did you use?” I hear you cry. Well, who needs a pyjama pattern when you’ve got the Rowan tee? Add some matching leggings and there you have it. Pyjamas good enough to wear to Sainsbury’s (just kidding).

Floral PJs_ NeedleandTed_5

So, do you think cosy soft pyjamas = a good night’s sleep? I mean one of those sleeps where you close your eyes as your head hits the pillow, you have sweet dreams and don’t wake up until the morning.


Floral PJs_ NeedleandTed_4

It does not. If only it were that easy. I often find this little cheeky one fast asleep in the middle of our bed when I wake up in the morning. A little stealth ninja, unheard, unseen. How she does it, I do not know.

Floral PJs_ NeedleandTed_2

But waking up and immediately seeing this little one right before my eyes is a beautiful thing.

Floral PJs_ NeedleandTed_7

Do you ever find a little stealth ninja in your bed when you wake up in the morning?

4 thoughts on “A stealth ninja in floral PJs

  1. So cute! Very sweet pajamas!

    I have 3 little ninjas in bed with me every night, so I better find them there in the morning or it means something is wrong!


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