Come Groove with me


Nearly every time I sew something, a song gets in my head. Either the name of the pattern, the fabric I’m using or how the garment makes me feel determines the song. And I have a particular song for the dress I’m about to show you, I want you all to stop what you are doing, get up, let loose and take a few minutes to come groove with me.


Come on ladies and gents, GET YOUR GROOVE ON!!!!!!!

And Sach if you’re reading this, I know you’ll be going crazy right now.


I have been on a mega mission to find the perfect fabric to get me in the Groove. Yes, I’m talking about Madeit Patterns Groove Dress. I’ve made nearly 20 Groove Dresses so far and not one for myself. Considering it’s my own pattern, I should have at least 8 in my wardrobe by now. But I think I was afraid of not loving it on me, I was afraid of it looking average unless I found the right fabric. Something that was 100% me, strong but not overpowering, bold but not wacky, dramatic but not flamboyant. Something that would make me go all giddy and lightheaded when I saw it.

I could have made a simple high low black version, that’s definitely my style but I wanted my first Groove Dress to be a bit more distinctive.


And then I found it…

It took me a while but I finally found that fabric that made me swoon. It’s a grey and black striped double knit interlock from Maud’s fabric Finds, the proportions and colour of these stripes are pure eye candy for me. Clearly, not all stripes are created equal.

Not only is this fabric aesthetically pleasing but also remarkably soft and warm against the skin. I would go as far as to recommend it for baby clothes as it’s that soft and 100% organic cotton.


Being the sewing rebel that I am, I ignored the direction of the grain and focused on the direction of the stripes to get the look that I wanted, same as I did on Darcy’s Groove Dress.


My Groove Dress isn’t a typical Groove Dress, the hem isn’t straight or high low like the pattern. Instead it’s asymmetrical, but I only made one very simple alteration.

  • I sewed the straight hem Groove Dress
  • Before hemming I cut an angle from where my wrist hits the dress on the left hand side, straight down to the bottom of the side seam of the right hand side.

That’s it. High drama in a matter of seconds.

Asymmetric Groove Dress_7_Madeit Patterns.jpg

Though maybe my dress should now be considered a Groovette, like the one Victoria made.


In my asymmetrical Groovette, I’m feeling strong and confident. I’m not Stella, but this is how I got my Groove back.


18 thoughts on “Come Groove with me

  1. Groovy !! I let the next song play from your YouTube link. “I’ll be your friend” sometime “the bridge” of a song can be so simple, yet catchy! The pleasant echo’s of an unforgotten time. Just like this “Groove Dress”.


    • Thank you Thomas, you are so right. That build up in preparation for the main lyrics, so, so good in both instances and equally as important. It definitely puts you in the mood to let your body groove. LOVE IT!!!!!


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