My name’s Olu and I love grey

Yep, I confess, that dull, dreary, drab, unemotional colour without colour is my favourite.

subtraction_by Needle and Ted

Subtraction dress for Stylo magazine

To me it is elegant, clean, calm, not the centre of attention like red but sleek and practical like black. It is a perfect canvas for contrasting bright colours which is why I love it for children’s clothes.


In 2014, fed up with pretty, pink and sparkly fashion on the high street, I set myself a challenge. I chose to invest time over convenience and make all my daughters’ clothes for a whole year. I only bought socks, underwear, basic t-shirts, school uniform, sportswear and 12 other items. For everything else I spent my days dreaming up ideas and my nights cutting, sewing and perfecting my skills. I managed to make a grand total of 74 garments for my girls.

Well, it so happened that I loved the experience so much, I decided to continue. Making clothes is addictive and through blogging I discovered the most amazing awe inspiring community that I am a thrilled to now be a part of.

camouflaged in the snow

Blogging also led me to find the incredibly talented Anna Bruce and in January 2015 I partnered up with her at Madeit Patterns. Together we create modern sewing patterns that you won’t be able to resist. Providing a range of cool, edgy designs that can be made at home as we guide you seamlessly through the process.

Coincidentally, Anna also loves grey.

Navy drape dress4_Nosh fabric_Needle and Ted

Gaining confidence in my ability, I now make clothes for myself too. Japanese sewing patterns are my weakness.

grey hanami dress

Follow me on my sewing adventures, your advice, thoughts and comments are always hugely appreciated.

35 thoughts on “My name’s Olu and I love grey

  1. I’m a huge fan of grey, too, Olu! It’s so elegant and so rarely used for commercial children’s clothing. And your sewing challenge is pretty much the same as mine! So glad to have found your blog and look forward to following along.


    • Thanks Heidi. I follow your blog too. Remember your Spring Showers pattern giveaway? I won the pattern. I’m still looking for the perfect fabric. It’s a great pattern.

      And I’m still hoping you’ll do a tutorial and share how you made that orange jacket for ‘Signature Look for Project Run & Play.’ It’s so adorable.


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  3. Yes, lots, if you look on the creations my stuff is Red Willow Tree (if I ever learn how to blog… I would love to). I have more stuff to photo too. Can I link here? Delete this bit if not, you will see my girl is tall and skinny like your lovely daughter!

    At the moment an age 10, but lengthened a lot, still fits her, but am not sure for how much longer I can keep redrafting just to add length.


      • Lol, I thought you might! That one is in her summer clothes book. Sadly it got too tight this summer and had to be handed down. Have yet to redraft it in a bigger / longer size – we need a 12-14 for height but an 8-10 for width.


  4. I just thought of this French fabric site that you might like too. Their cotton is of a quality and fineness comparable with Liberty tana lawn, and just as lovely to sew with, and their wools are a great weight for children’s coats. This is their grey page:

    Then there are also mist, carbon and stormy pages too. Enjoy!


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  14. Hello Olu! I have just heard about you on the Sewn Magazine website and it talked about the challenge you did in 2014 by sewing for your girls. That spoke to me, as that’s how I got started sewing as well (albeit in 1993!). I started when my now 26 year old daughter was an infant. I got a wild hair and decided to make all of her clothes!

    Like you, I did buy a few things (underwear and socks, mostly… it was a different time then… no internet, no pdf patterns, no easy access to knit fabrics!) but made just about all her clothes from infancy through 2nd grade. Then life changed a bit and I didn’t have as much time so I still made a bunch but not all. I still rather enjoy sewing for her! We’re tall women and it’s nice to be able to have clothes which fit. 😉

    Fun to see your journey and I thought you might like to hear of someone else who had a similar start. 🙂 I’ll keep my eye on your blog and Instagram!


    • Hi Ann
      So lovely to hear from you. Oh wow! You were sewing way before sewing was cool 😂 and without all the inspiration / temptation available now with PDF patterns, blogs and Instagram etc. I’m so impressed, I don’t think I would have kept it up had I started in 1993. I hope your daughter appreciated it. Thank you for following my journey.


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