Spots vs dots. Stripes vs lines.

dots and tiger stripes_leggings

You spot the difference and you dot your ‘i’s.

You cross the line and you earn your stripes.

But what’s the difference between a spot and a dot, a stripe and line? Maybe it’s a question for Helen & Olly because I can’t figure it out. Can you?

Tiger stripes_lion mask

I’m a tiger, I ain’t lion.

And if you are thinking lines can be wavy but stripes are straight, then what about tigers and zebras.

Can a spot be any shape? Is a dot always a circle? There are dotted lines but are there spotted stripes? I wonder if Siri knows.

Scout_grey dots_leggings_2

Now let’s take these leggings for example. Yeah, I know, they’re pretty cool and you want to cuddle those DM boots like a puppy, but are the leggings grey with black dots or grey with black spots?

Scout_grey dots_leggings_1

The answer is right here. Did that surprise you?

Darcy_tiger stripes_leggings_1

And what about these legging. Lines or stripes?

Answer: here. Were you right?

dots and tiger stripes_outfit

That was the fun bit, now for the serious bit.

Scout_grey dots_top_headphones

Scout_grey dots_leggings_3

Seriously! How cool is this fabric? I blimin’ love it, the colour (a really soft grey), the size of the dots and how they look so randomly scattered. It’s on sale at the moment at Maud’s Fabric Finds along with most of the other Bloome Copenhagen collection.

Bloome Copenhagen has certainly captured my attention in the last couple of months. Remember the outfit I made for Darcy with Bloome Copenhagen arrow heads? I find their colour palette really inspiring. This ochre is calling me. And look, matching ribbing.

Darcy_tiger stripes_leggings_5

Darcy’s leggings are a dusty mint tiger stripe by Elvelyckan. Darcy’s obsession with blue has recently expanded into minty dusty greens. And I must admit, I’m kinda liking these colours too.

Darcy_tiger stripes_leggings_2

Darcy picks her own fabrics for her clothes these days and I can now (it’s taken a while) trust that she’ll pick something that I won’t need to gently steer her away from using all my powers of avoidance and distraction.

Darcy_tiger stripes_leggings_4

Leggings are not the most exciting of garments to sew but when you have gorgeous fabric before you, it’s a delight rather than a chore.

I used the dressage leggings pattern which I’ve used before here. I just needed to deepen the rise by an inch for both my girls and also lengthen the leg a few inches for Darcy.

Scout_grey dots_outfit_1

I wanted to make a top for Scout to go with her leggings but a matching t-shirt has the tendency to look like pyjamas. I had a few ideas spinning around in my head, a black t-shirt with a matching pocket, a Kite Fold Tee…

pleated skirt

But whilst looking for some black fabric I came across an old skirt with some interesting pleating.

Scout_grey dots_top_back

Within an hour or so a cute little knit/woven upcycled top was born.



Scout_grey dots_outfit_2

In hindsight, I wish I’d made it an inch or 2 longer, but this length is cute too.

I’m still thinking about a top to make Darcy with the small amount of the tiger stripes fabric I have left. Any suggestions?



6 thoughts on “Spots vs dots. Stripes vs lines.

  1. That fabric is awesome. You could make LOL swing top- and do a bit of colour blocking if you don’t have enough of the original fabric.


  2. I’m sorry but what happened to your little girls? They are not little anymore, are they? In all at once happy and sad. I can’t believe how much they’ve both grown but I wouldn’t have recognized Darcy. Im all envious over Scouts boots! They are everything and a bag of chips! American chips…not your chips, guess I should have said crisps! So its a little sad to see those babies gone but exciting for the tweens to start!


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