Those anxious sewing feelings

Simplicity vintage pattern_1.jpg

I’ve been sewing for a while now but I still get those anxious feelings at the start of every project. Will I like it? Will it turn out the way I want it to? Will the fabric suit the pattern? Will I make a mistake? Will I run out of fabric? Will I finish it? Will it fit? Will it suit me/my daughter? Will she wear it? Will I wear it?

I have made lots of mistakes during my sewing journey. I’ve learnt from some of them, but I still make mistakes. There is no guarantee that every project will turn out well. Mostly, I just hope that everything comes together in the end.

Vintage athleisure_7_MaudsFabricFinds_NeedleAndTed

And today my friends, I can tell you that is not a story of failure, it is not a story of hope. Smile peeps, this is a story of success, a love story.

Yes my friends, this vintage come modern, retro style athleisure, active wear, hoodie, jacket, shorts get up offa that thing and dance ’till you feel better, turned out even better than expected. THIS IS LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The anxious part

The colour

Vintage athleisure_6_MaudsFabricFinds_NeedleAndTed

I chose the fabric, Darcy chose the colour. Arrowhead organic sweat from Maud’s Fabric Finds comes in 4 beautiful, soft muted colours. I like them all (a lot) but green would have been my last choice. I was surprised that Darcy choose green, I expected her to choose blue and in my head I was already thinking of a blue arrowhead Belinda Dress with dusty blue leggings. But green!!!!! Will I like it? Will she like it? Will it suit her? Will the fabric suit the pattern?

The pattern

Simplicity vintage jacket

Clearly this is not a Belinda Dress.


And these are not dusty blue leggings.

Darcy vitoed the idea of a Belinda Dress after the fabric arrived and I was left to come up with a more suitable outfit for an increasingly fussy 9 year old.

Simplicity vintage pattern

And this is what we decided was a more suitable outfit. Simplicity 5488, a pattern from the early 1980’s, a jacket and a pair of shorts. Although a suitable weather condition for such an outfit I can not imagine. Exposed legs and covered arms bear no logic to me, just like exposed feet in flip flops in London on a cold wet November morning. And indeed it posed the question – Will she wear it? Anyway, we rolled with it.

Vintage athleisure_afro_2_NeedleAndTedVintage athleisure_2_MaudsFabricFinds_NeedleAndTed

And despite other anxious moments, will it turn out the way I want it to? Will I make a mistake? Will I have enough fabric? The end result was BOOM, BOOM, WOW!!!

Vintage athleisure_3_MaudsFabricFinds_NeedleAndTed

The fabric is divine, you can instantly feel the quality. Thick, soft and warm, it’s a fabric lovers dream.

Vintage athleisure_afro_3_NeedleAndTed

Don’t get me wrong, this outfit is not perfect, I did make a mistake that I do not care to highlight. But as a whole I am ridiculously pleased with it. And Darcy asked the all important question that is the true testament to how much a child likes something, “Can I wear it to bed?”. I’ll take that as a compliment.

Vintage athleisure_MaudsFabricFinds_NeedleAndTed

And since the jacket is not lined, I had to work harder to ensure the inside was beautiful like the outside. So I finished the edges of the zipper tape and the hood with NOSH organics harlequin ribbon, an unplanned detail that ended up being the icing on the cake.

Vintage athleisure_afro_NeedleAndTed

Pattern alterations

Darcy is very tall for her age, but slim for her height, hence my ‘Will it fit?’ anxieties. I usually need to alter patterns to make them fit. For this size 8-10 jacket I lengthened the body and the sleeves by 4cm.

The shorts I left as they were, but they could have done with lengthening too. They also could have done with some side pockets. When you wear them you just expect them to be there, and your hand automatically searches for them.

The Pants

mini hudson pants_2mini hudson pants_3

I also made some Mini Hudson Pants in the solid dusty green just in case bare legs in London in April is being a tad too optimistic. I lengthened the size 10 by 15cm. Yes you heard right, 15cm. I told you Darcy was tall.

Vintage athleisure_5_MaudsFabricFinds_NeedleAndTed.jpg

The jacket and the pants are both dusty green but unfortunately not an exact match. If they were a CMYK colour I would say that the pants have 8% more yellow and the jacket has 9% more cyan 😉

mini hudson pants_1

In the end, all my sewing anxieties ended up unnecessary. But I know I’ll go through all of them again on my next sewing project. This is because I want the clothes I make to be loved and to last. This is not a cheap, mass produced outfit that will go out of fashion and be thrown away next year. This my friends is slow fashion.

Vintage athleisure_afro_4_NeedleAndTed

Do you have anxieties with your sewing projects too? I bet it’s not just me, I will anxiously await your comments below.

20 thoughts on “Those anxious sewing feelings

  1. Love the clothes, as always.
    I do get a little anxious sometimes usually if i take too long getting started. One of my silly pet peves is if I buy too much fabric, I hate having to look at the same material through 3 projects…


    • Really? It’s very rare that I would buy too much of the same fabric, I usually underestimate rather than over estimate. I normally buy 2m of fabric and plan on making just one thing, if I can squeeze in 2 things out of 2m of fabric then that’s a really good result.


  2. Yes I have sewing fears! Will it fit? And elastic, especially on swimsuits. Should I go with the recommended length? Should I wait until they’re home from school/awake before I finish? And sewing automatic buttonholes. That’s evoked a lot of swear words.

    I love the tracksuit! Total success!


    • I’d forgotten about those sewing fears Laura, I definitely have those too. I have put off making myself running tights/leggings for the gym for my fear that the stitching will pop during a squat or lunge something. That is my worst sewing fear.

      And I am exactly the same, I sew at night mostly and it would be really good to finish a project but if the girls are sleeping how can I check the fit? Do I carry on and hope for the best or stop mid flow and wait for them to try it on the next day? Obviously waiting is the best solution especially because my girls grown at least 2 inches every night in their sleep 😉


  3. Shorts plus warm cover-up seems to be the quintessential English summer outfit, to me: its summer, one wants to wear shorts, but it’s actually darn cold! 😉 Also, the perfect outfit for paddling (or wading, in the case of the long-legged; hoodie keeps the core body temp high enough for the cold legs to be bearable… Anyway, this is gorgeous!


    • Ha ha, yes in the UK I think we are in denial of how cold it can be in the summer and the fact that it can be warm one day and cold the next. I think sometimes we dress for the weather conditions of the day before, after all it’s summer and there’s no way we’re putting our winter coats back on.

      Oh yes, definitely good for for dipping toes in water, albeit cold water. Good point 🙂


  4. This is PERFECTION! Love, love, LOVE! I would choose the dusty green as well. Indeed this is truly awesome (and the nosh ribbon makes all the difference too!). Now, just saying, Darcy is a very cool chick, and I know she is an individual… I think she would rock some black tights under her shorts with a pair of one stars. ;p


    • Thank you Trudy. Ooooo, black tights is a fab idea. That would work well when it’s cold outside. And yes Converse All Stars it has to be, mostly because that’s all she has apart from her school shoes lol!!!

      And I agree, the ribbon definitely adds a certain finesse to the jacket so I’m glad it can be seen when worn. I hadn’t realised how much difference it was going to make seeing it is on the inside.


  5. I love all of it! In fact, I just spent a few minutes trying to hunt down the pattern in a small.

    I get tons of anxiety as I’m sewing too. Not so much when it’s for my kids but for me. Anxiety when picking fabric, size, muslin, fitting, interfacing, sewing… Even when picking which pattern size grouping to buy! I’m often at the end or beginning of the size grouping so I worry about what happens if it turns out I need a different size that isn’t in the envelope I bought. (Like, if I’m at the bottom of the range for the envelope but the pattern ends up having too much ease so I actually need to size down.)


    • Thank you. I’ve only ever seen the pattern in a size 8-10 and bigger, maybe it doesn’t come in smaller sizes but if I ever see one I’ll let you know.

      Oh yes sewing for yourself bring about sewing anxieties on another level, I don’t even want to go there.


  6. Perfection! Love this so much on her! And ooooh those sewing anxieties, every single time…… Sometimes I fall in love already while cutting, and then get anxious about screwing it up…. Sometimes I am doubtful until my girl puts it on. Sometimes I only fall in love when it gets in second rotation ad my youngest girl starts wearing it…. And every time it takes a little while for me to stop seeing every little imperfection that nobody else sees…


    • Thank you Marieke, I can definitely relate to those feelings. But once I see how lovely something looks on my daughters, I become blind to any imperfections. It doesn’t work for the clothes I make for myself though lol!!


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