How to stay stylish whilst wearing a t-shirt

Introducing Madeit Patterns STRIP TEE

Strip tee_team challenge_me_1

Madeit Patterns Strip Tee is the t-shirt that you put on for comfort but without looking like you’re staying in all day to do the cleaning.

With capped sleeves and a semi-loose fit which slims down towards the hem, it’s a flattering style you can chuck on with jeans and not be worried when you accidentally find yourself out out.

Strip tee_team challenge_9

Strip Tee ranges from teen size XXS (because I knew my 11 year old would want one) – L through to adult UK size 6 – 20 (because I knew my mum would want one).

Strip tee_team challenge_14.jpg

It’s one of those addictive patterns that once you’ve finished one you’ll be thinking about what fabric to use for your next one. Would you believe the Strip Tee is the first t-shirt I’ve ever sewn for myself? In fact, I don’t own many t-shirts because I generally felt a bit slobby wearing them. That was before I worked out the right cut to make me feel fabulous. Madeit Patterns Strip Tee was selfishly designed with my needs in mind. My quest to find the perfect tee is over and we hope after trying our pattern, you will feel the same way too.

Give it a go


Sewing a Strip Tee is simple. It has no tricky sleeves to attach, just a front, a back and a neckband (and a strip, depending on which version you make). It’s an ideal pattern for beginners. But don’t just take my word for it.

Strip Tee challenge graphic

We (Madeit Patterns), challenged 8 experienced sewing bloggers and their newbie teenagers/tweenagers to make a Strip Tee each. The teenagers were allowed help, but the help had to be kept to a minimum. Hacks were allowed but the Strip Tee had to still be recognisable.

And to make the challenge even more fun and exciting, Chat Chocolat agreed to sponsor the challenge by offering a generous prize of 2m of fabric from their new (yet to be released) winter collection, to whichever creative team makes the best, most stylish, most beautifully inspiring, awesomely cool Strip Tees.

Pop back here over the weekend to see how Eva (BY EVA MARIA)Tami (SEW SOPHIE LYNN)Mijke (SEW IT CURLY), Miek (VANMIEK)Catherine (MAMC BLOGGER)Linde (IKBENVINK), Karly (PAISLEY ROOTS)Sophie (ZIJ-KANT) and their teenagers got on. Or if you’re too excited to wait, you can check them out on Instagram by searching #stripteeteamchallenge

Made by Darcy

Strip tee_team challenge_11.jpg

Darcy and I, were lucky enough to be one of the first to see, touch and work with the new winter collection from Chat Chocolat. Darcy was ridiculously excited to choose her favourite from the collection and make her own Strip Tee. It’s the first garment she’s ever made and she was beaming with pride once she had finished.

Strip tee_team challenge_13.jpg

Darcy presents…

Strip tee_3

Madeit Patterns Strip Tee, made 82%* by herself and 18%* by me. In awesome Chat Chocolat sweat fabric with fleece backing. And I have to tell you, the quality of this fabric is quite something. It has an amazing thickness and a cosy warmth to it with a lovely unexpected stretch and recovery that I have never felt before in a sweat.

*Percentages were measured accurately and methodically and no way just a rough estimate guessed by me.

Strip tee_team challenge_8

To wear with her Strip Tee, I made Darcy a matching gathered skirt with a zip on one side and a pocket on the other. With t-shirt tucked in, it can have the appearance of a dress so she can wear it on those occasions where I won’t let her wear leggings.

Strip tee_team challenge_7

But luckily, I had enough Chat Chocolat jersey fabric to make her some leggings too, although I had to cut the fabric lengthwise rather than crosswise to the grain. They still stretch and feel comfortable. Phew!

Strip tee_team challenge_6

The one leg colour block idea come about simply because I knew she would love the quirkiness enough to forget they were pink 😉.

Strip tee_2

A sneak peak of Chat Chocolat’s new winter collection

Strip tee_team challenge_12.jpg

The new winter collection from Chat Chocolat is every much as fun and inspiring as their previous collections. I wasn’t sure if a deep claret was my colour but I was intrigued to find out. Claret/wine/port/burgundy is very on-trend this season, I wore my Strip Tee at the weekend and was amazed to see how many people wearing the same or similar colour.

Strip tee_team challenge_15.jpg

However, no one had cleverly matched it up with a prism pink. I’m really loving this combination of colours.

Strip tee_team challenge_5

And the green is another unexpected addition to the mix, but it really works.

Something for you

For this week only, for the duration of the challenge, you can get

20% off Madeit Patterns Strip Tee 

Make sure you pop back here at the weekend because there is a really fun challenge that Madeit Patterns and Chat Chocolat will be running on Instagram next week and we really do not want you to suffer from FOMO.


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