Confidence, comfort and…



That’s the criteria I work towards when making clothes for Darcy. I want her to feel confident, she needs to be comfortable and she has to be able to cartwheel in everything she wears. When we stick to the three C’s everything else just falls into place.


I immediately fell in love with Sofie’s Teddy Sweater when I saw it on Instagram. The design, the colours, the rainbow and the cool 70’s (yet modern) vibe. It took me back to when I was 8 years old and I asked my mum if I could have a jumper dress. Though looking back my jumper dress was not at all cool, it was much like the jumper Geoffrey is wearing in this episode of Rainbow. But I remember it distinctively because at the time, a jumper dress was an item of clothing I had never seen or worn before. It was also the first time that I remember choosing my own clothes and it was from that moment onwards that I took charge of my own style.


I showed the Teddy Sweater to Darcy and she loved it too. It looked comfortable and only slightly restricting for a cartwheel, but no worries, there was an option for a shorter more cartwheel friendly version, so we rolled with that one (pun intended).


I made a rainbow version in shades of blue (Darcy’s favourite colours), using up some fabric scraps from previous makes, here, here and here. The pattern pieces for the rainbow are not included but there is a tutorial to show you how to do it. It’s not difficult but adds just a little extra time to a very quick, simple, satisfying sew.


Though Darcy is only 11, I made the largest size (14y) in the hope that this sweater would see her through to adulthood. Sadly, nearly everything I made for her last year is too small already, so from now on I’m sizing up at least 3 sizes. I mean it, it’s ridiculous the rate in which she grows and frustrating to find that things she has only worn a handful of time no longer fit her.


But on the up side, it means that her clothes might fit me. I tried on her Teddy Sweater to check out the theory and lo and behold, I was in luck. So guess what’s just jumped to the top of my sewing to-do list 😉.


When I find some suitable fabric in the right hues that would work together for the rainbow against a black, dark grey or navy background, I’ll be making myself a Teddy Sweaterdress. I’m pretty sure it’ll be comfortable, I’ll certainly feel confident wearing it, as for the cartwheels, I tried recently and trust me, it’s not like riding a bike.


Then again, is there anything like riding a bike, except for riding a bike?




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