Battle of the Stitches: The Jagger Jeans Sew-Off continues

east v south sew off

Put your dancing shoes on and shake your thang.

Jagger jean toes

I’m ready to bust some moves today. I thought about getting down street style, but changed my mind.

dance move5My Jagger Jeans are all about freedom of movement in a modern, contemporary way.

dance move10A personal interpretation weaving in varied techniques and free flowing detail.jeans_closeup1



dance move14

Darcy chose the topstitching thread AND designed the pockets. She chose a silvery grey colour much to my pleasure. Darcy’s input was fundamental when making these jeans. I wanted them to reflect her own individual style.



Jagger Jeans pocket design

I asked Darcy to stick to a maximum of 7 strokes for the pocket design. I can tell you it was not easy for her to keep it simple. I didn’t really consider that she might make each pocket completely different. The mind of a 7 year old certainly works without constraint.

having none of itI tried to convince her that the shape of the river Thames might be a nice design (the river that divides me from Toya) but she was having none of it. “Make friends with the seam ripper mummy”.

Jagger jean back pocket

I’m glad she stuck to her guns, I love what she did and I am fascinated and impressed with her design skills.



Jagger Jeans ♥ Needle and TedMaking the Jagger Jeans was a lot easier than I expected. The fly that I thought may be difficult was in fact really simple. (Well at least it was after I realised I missed a step and was reading something wrong.) The Jagger Jeans is an intermediate pattern, but I think an advanced beginner would cope just fine.



dance move6

The back pocket within a pocket was a freestyle move, small but clean and sharp. We’re staying on beat but there are no limitations.

The Levi-esque tab was totally inspired by one of the world’s most recognisable trademarks. Good job mine is grey, white and aubergine. I don’t want Levi Strauss & Co knocking at my door threatening to sue me.

dance move11



dance move1

The Jagger jeans are a slim fit, I made size 7 and lengthened them to a size 10. To make them super skinny I did a flat felled seam along the inside leg, which requires a bigger seam allowance.

Darcy has very long slim legs, she has never had a pair of jeans that fit so well. Actually she has never had a pair of jeans that fit full stop. The Jagger jeans fit beautifully, they are comfortable and stylish. Levis Strauss eat your heart out.

dance move9



dance move8

The striped twill ribbon I used for the tab was recycled from a Cos paper shopping bag. I also sewed a 5 inch strip on the turn up for ‘choreographic unity’. (I don’t exactly know what that means but it sounds good, doesn’t it?) Darcy can choose to wear them rolled up or left down depending on her footwear.

Jagger Jeans turn up



dance move16

I want to sing and dance “I made a pair of jeans”. I am so proud. Making a pair of jeans for the first time feels so special. A momentous occasion in my sewing journey. I want people to ask “Did you make those?” but sadly I don’t think anyone will. Lots of people know I make things but no one would expect that I actually made a pair of jeans. I may just have to go around telling people, even if they haven’t asked. Blow my own trumpet (pun intended).



dance move12

This photo shoot would not have been possible without the help of Katy Perry, she livened up the room and even though Darcy wasn’t feeling great, she suddenly came alive at the sound of Katy Perry’s voice, whilst taking these photos. Thank you Katy Perry.



dance move4

Can you guess which Katy Perry song Darcy is dancing to? Whoever guesses correctly first wins the Jagger Jeans pattern. Answers in the comments box below please. The pattern will be emailed to the winner by next Friday.


guess the song

Click the image to see the list of Katy Perry songs



Jagger Jeans discounted

If want to have a go at making a pair of Jagger Jeans, boogie on over to Madeit Patterns, you can get 20% off (for 1 week only), don’t miss out.



Now, step ball change over to Made by Toya who I am sure has made a fabulous pair of Jagger Jeans, I can not wait to see them. I pretty much love everything she makes. I know they’ll be good, but erm! not that good 😉


Battle of the Stitches: Round 1.
Bang! Pow! Boom!
Round 2, coming soon.




East London vs South London Jagger Jeans sew off; Part 1


90 thoughts on “Battle of the Stitches: The Jagger Jeans Sew-Off continues

  1. Very inspiring – I confess that being able to sew jeans for my two would make life much easier but it is the fly issue that puts me off.

    I will play though and I will suggest Hot & Cold, tentatively as that might be an album too long ago for your dd, but that is how ds would dance to it I think!


  2. Oh I simply *adore* the back pockets!! Your daughter definitely has style.

    I’m going to guess you were listening to ‘Roar’ by Katy Perry.


    • Mellisa, you were bound to get it right in the long run, good effort. You comment came along around about the same time as Emily’s, you both get the pattern. I will email it to you tonight or tomorrow. Thank you for taking part.


  3. Can you see the first time I posted (copied below)? So weird? Yay! I’m so excited! Thanks so much! What a fun game! I can’t wait to give these a try!

    Mellisa says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    February 6, 2015 at 1:23 pm
    This has me intrigued! Dark Horse? Love that song too – and these are such awesome jeans!


  4. No idea of the song, but these jeans are amazing Olu. I love how you involved your daughter in the making, the topstithing, the double pocket in the back…all, I like them all (i bet you feel relieved :P) anyway,fantastic job!


  5. So Inspiring!!! I’m a Newbie to sewing, so currently only makes dresses for my daughter. I’ll have to one day take a leap and try expanding!

    Dark Horse?!?!?


    • Thank you Sofia and welcome to the amazing world of sewing. It won’t be long before you move onto other things. It’s far les scary than you imagine.

      Dark horse is correct. Unfortunately someone pipped you to the post. But thanks for playing along.


  6. Jeanius! My daughter rushed off to design her own pockets so better go get the pattern! Great post and fab pics!
    I thought the Thames was a great shape, maybe I can convince mine to have rivers, the Thames and the Seine maybe! (Am deluding myself, she beats her own drum!)


  7. hey olu, what a post!!! i just love the pictures! and your jeans are so well made! i do not know a song by katy perry. sadly. i would love this pattern! can’t wait for the second round. thats going to be taff!


    • Thank you so much Vicky. I’m not sure I agree, your daughter could certainly get away with a slim fit. I made mine super skinny because it was about time my daughter had some jeans long enough and without the bunching.


  8. I am very jealous of your pocket designs and all the lovely details. I tried to coax H in with the promise of her own designs but to no avail, she even tried to talk me out of belt loops. Til next time…


    • Thank you Melinda, she does photograph well even when she’s not trying. But we do capture some hilarious facial expressions sometimes that I obviously don’t show, but we laugh about it together for ages.


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