pink and blue colour block ♥ Needle and TedMy mum calls it shocking pink and navy, my sister calls it magenta and indigo, my best friend calls it cerise and midnight blue, the curly haired lady on the train called it ‘a gorgeous hot pink and a lovely dark blue’ whilst she stroked my daughters arm and held on to her hand for a few moments.

“ARRGHH!!! DON’T TOUCH MY DAUGHTER,” I screamed. Not out loud of course (that would be rude) but quietly in my head. Why is it considered rude to tell someone not to touch your child anyway? Is it not rude to stroke and hold the hand of someone you don’t know? What if I stroked the woman’s curly hair and caressed her face? Would she not be outraged?

I imagine I’ve done it myself (before I had children), reached out to a cute little baby because it’s the instinctive thing to do. But since having children, it has become my pet hate. I do not like strangers touching my children. Keep your sticky mitts to yourself. What else have you been touching? When did you last wash your hands? Do you even wash your hands after using the toilet? I mean wash them, not just get them wet and dry them on your clothes.

Have you been smoking? Did you pick your nose? Have you got a contagious disease or touched someone else who touched someone else who had a contagious disease?

All these things (and more) run through my mind when someone touches my children (and I don’t have OCD, promise!).

How long should I leave it before I reach for my bag and pull out the baby wipes or hand sanitiser, so as not to look obvious that I am wiping away curly haired lady germs? 1 minute, 2 minutes, as soon as she looks away?

colour block harems 3

When my children were babies I carried them around in a sling. From this sling, no one could see my baby, some people even thought I was just carrying a red canvas rucksack until they heard little baby noises or saw the occasional movement. This was too much of an intrigue to bear for some people because I can not tell you how many people who pulled open my sling to peer inside at my daughter and sometimes touched, yes touched my baby. ‘DON’T TOUCH MY BABY!!!!’ Lady with the curly hair on the train (and all the other guilty strangers), GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY CHILD!

Erm! Do you get these feelings too? Or is it just me?

colour block harem pants and scarf by Needle and Ted

OK, so I went off on a tangent there. Sometimes I just don’t know where these blog posts are going to take me. Back to the pink and navy blue or what colour would you call it? Don’t you agree, these two colours look fabulous together?colour block harems 4

These are the sixth pair of harem pants I’ve made for Scout. Check out the others here, here, here here and here. They make good everyday pants and some of the others are getting too small, so time to stock her wardrobe up with some more.


I completed the look with a matching colour block scarf. Just less than one third being bright pink, I like things to be asymmetrical and a bit quirky. Do you?

24 thoughts on “DON’T TOUCH MY BABY!!!!!!!

  1. You do make me laugh! But seriously I think I might take the touching over the saying what you think: No my son is not ‘retarded’ because he is still in a pushchair, he is only 2 years old he just happens to be outrageously tall for his age. And yes, he can talk, but he only speaks
    English so far, because, guess what, once again he is still only two… And, yes, he is now 12 but these things really stuck with me…
    See, we all have our issues!!!

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    • Alexandra, I had never heard of this happening before, but come to think of it I once pushed my 5 year old around in my younger daughters buggy. I took the little one out because the 5 year old was tired and not feeling well. I did get a few looks but I didn’t really know why. This explains it. Crazy huh!


  2. What a rant! I thought I was reading the blog Needle Instead about a woman who gets the needle rather than do her sewing!

    Solution:Make your child a top that says “my mum went to Liberia and all I got was this t-shirt. I hope!”

    Blue and pink keep it simple!


  3. Well, I have the same “don’t touch my kids” explosion, not thinking in all those things about germs or dirt hands, but thinking my kids are people, and people don’t like to be touched by strangers without permission, if you want to touch my kid’s hair ask them if you could, as you would do with any other person, or simply don’t do it.
    I love your harem pants, wish my kids will acept wear them pleased.


  4. Love the pants and scarf. And, I have exactly the same feelings, and reaction. Screaming on the inside whilst far too non confrontational and fearful of being impolite to say or do anything. It doesn’t really happen anymore but when they were in the sling as babies it happened all the time. Tube hands on my newborn babies fingers…arrrggghh!


  5. Agreed! My 2yo daughter has a head of wild curly hair and loads of people think it’s okay to touch it when they’re saying, “I just love her hair.” No. Not cool. I’d never touch your hair without asking. I’m tempted to tell them about her school’s recently report case of lice.

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  6. I love the colors together as well as the same blue and lime green! My boys loved that color combination when they were little.
    I have to say I am terribly guilty about wanting to touch little ones as they are what makes life great. I also understand your thoughts on the matter. I try to keep my hands to myself just so people who feel like you are not offended. It is definitely your right to say something (I have been asked both politely and snarled at and feel so terrible when the person has to say something at all so really do appreciate a kind request. But all in all I should know better!)
    Love all your creative projects.


  7. Well, I can see why people can’t keep their hands off of her. She is stunning and that outfit, exquisite! 🙂

    I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I do hate when people touch my baby. It does bother me. The year after Iris was born, my older kids brought home five (yes, five!) stomach flus from school. They always ended up sitting next to the kid who barfed at school. And since then I’ve become a bit of a germaphobe. So many people touched our new baby Hazel’s hands and I really didn’t like it.

    On the other hand, in cultures where they touch babies a lot, they are very warm and accepting of children in general. In Ethiopia, everyone touched Tarikua who was at the time almost 1. I mean, they could not keep their hands off of her. Waaaay more so than here in the US. They would even want to hold her. Complete strangers. We’d be eating dinner and they’d say, “How about I hold her while you eat, so you can enjoy your dinner?” Even Ethiopians at Ethiopian restaurants here have done that. Whereas here, it seems for the most part people are pretty intolerant of kids, especially in restaurants and on airplanes. So I do appreciate a culture where they can really value children for how amazing and precious they are. 🙂


    • Thank you so much Rachel. A very good point you have raised. I didn’t think of it that way. You are so right, in some cultures it is so much more acceptable. In fact when I have travelled to other countries where it is more acceptable I am a bit more chilled out about it. Funny that.


  8. hey olu, i feel with you. i don’t wan’t that people touch my little bean. i don’t think it’s unpolite. i think it is my responsability as a mother to say no to those people as long as she is not able to say it herself. ps, i love pink with dark blue. your daughter looks so cute in it!


  9. Oh ladies I am not sure how to take these comments. I totally agree with you, and because of this when around colleagues I keep my hands to myself. I look but don’t touch. However just this week I didn’t touch a colleagues baby after lots of dirty mits were all over it whilst she was sleeping and people thought me strange. “Do you not like babies?”. “Why don’t you want a cuddle?”. “Are you scared?” Were just some of the comments I got. So you really can’t win. And you know secretly inside you are flattered.

    However back to the outfit. I love the colours. I wish more adults clothes were in these colours as together they are one of my favourites. I call them the “Jack Wills” colours. Harem pants on kids a supercool and I love all of hers. The scarf is a nice touch.


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