You may not want to read this if you are eating (again)

sleep gown3

It feels a little like deja vu or groundhog day because I have written this blog post before. It’s pretty much the same words but different pictures. I’m repeating myself because I’ve sewn another baby sleep gown in some more beautiful fabric but I doubt I’ll be able to write another blog post quite as funny as the original.

So if you missed it last time, read on. But if it’s going to be like groundhog day for you too, just hang around and look at the pretty pictures of the nice fabric.

sleep gown4I always thought the reason some baby clothes have envelope necklines was to make it easier to get on and off. I assume most people thought the same. But last year not one, not two but three people told me that when your baby does a tsunami of a poo, lets just call it a ‘poonami’ for want of a better word. You know the ones that are really wet, really huge, and more ends up outside the nappy than inside the nappy.Then, instead of pulling his* clothes (and stinky, sopping, sticky poo) up over his body, over his face, up his nose, in his eyes and in his hair, you can slide his clothes down off his shoulders and over his body to avoid poonami spreading further.

Did you know that?

I’m a bit cynical of this new-to-me information. It seems very strange and unlikely that I had never heard of this before during raising 2 children and having copious amounts of advice from multiple demographic groups. Then in October 2014, even though I no longer have a child of the poonami age, I am told of this discovery by no less than three people. Hmmm! Am I wrong to be suspicious?

My theory is that Mr & Mrs Thatsabetterwaytodoit realised that they may be the only ones practicing this clever technique. They told their friends, who in turn told their friends and their friends told me (and after hearing it 3 times on 3 consecutive days in October 2014, I must confess, it did feel a little like déjà poo.)

I’m wondering if it may be one of those urban myths like the hotel toothbrush story**.

I actually think it’s a really good idea, next time you are met with baby poonami, please try it out and let me know if it works. I’m not convinced that Mr and Mrs Envelopeneckline had thought of it when they designed it back in 19whenever, but if it does work, how innovative is that?

What do you think?

sleep gown1

Anyway I do believe, sleep gowns like this, were specifically designed to make nappy changing easier, with no press fasteners to fiddle with whilst baby sleeps.

A friend of mine has just had a baby girl and she ‘hinted’ to me at the beginning of her pregnancy that a baby sleep gown like the one I made earlier in the year would make a lovely gift for a baby. I’m really good at taking hints so a baby sleep gown it had to be.

sleep gown2

The amazing fabric I used this time was from LuckyShop0228 on Etsy. It was posted from Korea but only took a week to arrive in the UK, how’s that for service? It’s called Little Tree Pattern Cotton Interlock Knit, it comes in 5 different colours (but it was only natural that I would choose grey). My goodness, the fabric is heavenly. It’s thick and soft and couldn’t be more perfect for a baby. It’s very reasonably priced and I thoroughly recommend it.

sleep gown5To make the sleep gown I used this brilliant free pattern from Stitched Together.

Free pattern + beautiful fabric = contented sewing lady


*I say ‘his’ but it could be ‘hers’ too, I just didn’t want to confuse the matter by getting pedantic.

**Whilst on holiday, a couple returned to their hotel room to find that they had been robbed. The thieves had made off with most of their possessions, but the couple were pleased to discover that their camera was still there. When they got home a few days later, and developed the roll of film still in the camera, there were pictures of two strangers in their hotel room, each with a toothbrush up their bums. The couple were horrified when they realised it was their toothbrushes.

21 thoughts on “You may not want to read this if you are eating (again)

  1. 😂 Read your original post and it still makes me laugh! And yes, that is absolutely one of the best things about envelope necklines and babies – both my girls had to make use of that trick on many occasions! It does work beautifully!


  2. I still hold on to my comment on your first post: even with three kids, I had never heard about a relation between envelop necklines and poonamis. Would it be a good reason to go for baby #4, just for scientific purposes? (lol, I’d have to find another husband first then, this one clearly stated that three is the limit ;-))
    The gown looks fab though, my favourite baby colours!


  3. What! I feel cheated! I want the lost hours of ‘poonami’ trauma back! I never, ever thought of the envelope neck trick. Doh (slaps forehead…)
    I am the really stupid mum who didn’t realise that you could tear apart ‘pull-up’ nappies at the sides, therefore avoiding the trauma of removing a dirty ‘pull-up/pant-style nappy by yukily pulling it down my babes’ legs, like one of those fairground games where you try not to let the buzzer touch the metal wire and make a noise. Yes… I really did do that… happy those days are behind me, even if your cute nightgown made me a little nostalgic…


    • Ha ha Victoria, I know exactly what you mean about that metal wire game. I’m not entirely sure I knew that about pull-ups, I can’t quite remember, but the metal wire game relating to nappy changing rings a bell for some reason. Rings a bell, ha ha, see what I did there?


  4. First, I have to tell you that I LOVE the gown! It looks so awesome! Secondly, I may have said this last time, but I have never heard that before. However, it does kind of make sense. It is niz-ast-ty to have to pull it up over their head and then it gets in their hair. Such a mess! Please let me know if there is any way that I can improve upon the pattern or if any steps were unclear.

    I love this gown so much! xxoo


  5. Haha, gorgeous post, gorgeous gown! My friend is expecting her third baby around Christmas time, I might make one of these for her, in fact I might completely copy you and use the same fabric too, because it’s lush!


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