NOSH fabric giveaway

STAR Jacquard Black by NOSH (1)I received this amazing fabric from NOSH and immediately felt the need to drape it over my shoulders whilst looking in the mirror and imagining all the lovely things it could become. I know this blog was originally meant to be about what I sew for my 2 daughters but sorry girls, this fabric is mine, all mine, I’m keeping it and you can’t have it. Do I feel guilty? Nope! What I make for myself will last me years, I will appreciate every little handmade detail, I will continue to like stars way past next week, I will not dribble toothpaste down it, I will not wear it during ‘attack time’ with daddy and I will not dump it on the floor before I go to bed (actually I can’t guarantee that one).
_0001_Else made by Needle and TedYou may be wondering why I am wearing a pink cycle helmet. I cycled to the park with my sister for her to take these pictures and we both agreed, hat hair is not a good look.

_0000_Else made by Needle and TedBut it’s a tiny bit strange wearing a cycle helmet without seeing a bike, so this blog post features beautiful NOSH fabric and a very pink bike.

made by Needle and Tedmade by Needle and Ted

Now let me tell you about how I made my high low sweatshirt. I never intended it to look like this, it was actually my intention to make an Else sweatshirt, the blue one on the far right hand side of the collage, but a few things went wrong.

_0002_Else made by Needle and Ted

I’ll start from the beginning. I was kindly given the pattern by Monika of Schneidernmeistern (Cor! I bet you couldn’t write that on a postage stamp) as part of our Paris Sew Social sponsorship. Her patterns come in individual sizes so you have choose the size you need. I measured myself, chose my size and thought I could rest easy, make the sweatshirt and everything would be hunky dory. Oh no! That was not the case. First I cut out the back piece, how I didn’t realise from the paper pattern that it was going to be too small, I do not know. But as soon as I saw the tiny back piece cut from my lovely NOSH fabric I knew that the sweatshirt would fit me like a surgical glove and that was not the effect I was after. Damn it! What was I to do?

_0005_Else made by Needle and Ted

There was not enough fabric to discard and cut another back piece along with the other pieces, but I was determined to carry on and not give up. My girls were not getting their hands on my precious NOSH fabric, I was determined to have it for myself.

high low Else made by Needle and Ted

I had a few ideas that meant mixing my fabric with some other fabric but ideally I didn’t want to do that. With my tail between my legs I asked Monika if she would let me have another Else but in 2 sizes larger this time (erring on the side of caution). She agreed, phew! So I went about repositioning my patten pieces on my fabric. Whichever way I looked at it, I was not going to be able to make the Else sweatshirt in the picture. Else has 6 other options, but I was about to embark on a new option, the High Low Else.   _0003_Else made by Needle and TedTo be honest I have a fondness of the high low silhouette, so it wasn’t a huge problem. The problem I did have came after I cut out the sleeves. I wrapped one around my arm but the two sides struggled to meet. What was going on? I think my forearms are an average size, they normally fit in an average sleeve. I sat and pondered for a while and remembered something Nienke had told me whilst we were in Paris. Hot damn! Could it be that I should have added seam allowance? What I failed to explain earlier is that the Else pattern is written in German. But I thought I would be able to make it without instruction or detailed images. Evidently not.

So with even less fabric to play with, I proceeded to cut out some more sleeves. I did not have enough length for long sleeves, so I went for the 3/4 length option and had the idea to add an extra long cuff at the end with the black rib that I was also given from NOSH.

The sleeves have ended up being my favourite detail on my High Low Else. Even though my top was not suppose to look like this, I am really pleased with my cosy high low sweatshirt. I will wear it regularly because it’s so practical. When I’m in a hurry (always), no need to iron it, just fling it on with a pair of legging or jeans and off I go. Plus because my Else is a tad on the large side now, I can wear a couple of layers underneath when it comes to winter. Always thinking ahead 😉

I am sorry Monika for butchering your pattern, but I will make another one day (a proper one) because I have a crush on this one by Ute.

_0006_Else made by Needle and TedBy the way, do you like my bike? I often get comments like, “That’s a very pink bike” or “It’s very pink” I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or merely a statement of the obvious, so I never really know how to react. It’s a surprising choice of colour for me. I normally live in a palette of monochrome. But I thought the bike had more character in pink and would less likely be stolen by a man. Yes, I was thinking of that when I bought it.

Anyway some of you have spent some precious minutes reading my blog post and I thank you for that, but some of you have skimmed over the most part just looking for the giveaway and I have no problem with that. But getting your hands some this black Star Jacquard isn’t going to be that simple.

NOSH have kindly offered to send two of my blog readers 1m each of this amazing quality organic black Star Jacquard, but you have to do 2 things and you have to be quick.

  1. First, go to the NOSH website and tell me the name of the fabric which has a bicycle print. Needle and Ted
  2. Secondly, you have to guess the make of my bike. Clue: all (working) sewing machines have them.

Write both your answers in the comments box below. The first 2 people with both correct answers will be sent 1m of black Star Jacquard fabric from NOSH. If no one guesses correctly by the end of the week, I will post a really obvious clue on Instagram.

_0004_Else made by Needle and TedHave fun guessing and good luck.



47 thoughts on “NOSH fabric giveaway

  1. I’m not good with guessing games but I read the whole post (yeah I know it’s a weird habit heheh) and wanted to say that your Else is really cute and looks great on you! Naturally I’m swooning over the Nosh jacquard so if you feel like sending it to me I’d be thrilled hahhaha 😀 Asolutely love the pink bike, you may already know I have no issues with pink 😉 Oh yes great job on the sleeve cuffs, it’s a great detail! I’m really tempted to try this one after summer laziness. Xoxo


  2. Really nice sweater and totally worth all the trouble! I’m not very good at guessing, but here goes… Fabric is BMX and your bike is a Bobbin bike…


  3. Some projects, for some reason, just don’t go the way we want them to, but in your case it turned out great!! And I like the bike with all the pink 😉


  4. hihi so fun! next time when sewing in german just ask for help ;)! but after all this little acidents your sweater looks great! you had to be really creativ. well done!


  5. Yet again a super fun blog post. When seeing you on the pics and reading the text (yes, all of it…) it’s just so fun to hear your voice in my head. I totally love your hi-low sweater and the long cuffs are just so cool. And please, for you next german pattern just ask me if there is anything you should think of 😉


  6. I’m thinking the fabric has already been won, but YAY for seeing you in a post! I love your pink bike, and I love this sweatshirt even if it wasn’t what you intended.


  7. Great post and what a great sweater! I’ m from Finland and I also got some fabric from Nosh, but the maxi dot jacquard 😊. I found your blog just a little while ago, I cannot understand how come I hadn’t found your amazing sewing blog earlier! But better late than never 😉


  8. BMX is the fabric and took some Googling, but Bobbin bike!

    Just to notice now that many were quicker. Love the bike!! (Not just ’cause of the name)


  9. Found the bmx fabric, and I have no clue brands of bikes, but I scrolled and saw everyone else eaid bobbin. Ha! Thanks for the chance to win


  10. The fabric is called BMX and the bike is a Bobbin, but the bike type is not one I am familiar with, I only got the name from everyone before me!
    I love your top and it looks swish as you race on your bike!!!


  11. Dear Olu,
    now loads of time flew by since I read your post and I am still laughing!
    I love your Else and I am so glad that you managed to sew a sweater that you are really fond of!
    Thank you so much for NOT giving up and it was a pleasure to give you my pattern twice!
    Bug Hug!


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