Madeit Fashion Week: Day 4

Welcome to Day 4 of Madeit Fashion Week

If you missed Day 1Day 2 or Day 3 you can still see the shows [click on the link] I’m sure you knew that anyway.

Today we have not 1, not 2, but 6 shows, yes you heard it, 6 shows to get you in the party mood. If you’re not excited already, you will be. The ladies behind the sewing machines SMASHED IT!

So come on, let’s get this party started…

Mariea Fairies annd Bubbles2

Give it up for F. F is 6 years old.  She likes drawing, making others laugh and reading. She dislikes being on her own, people asking loads of questions (hint, hint) and scary movies.

I like scary movies if it means I can sit on the couch and loose weight. Research suggests that raised adrenalin levels when we watch scary movies, increase our metabolic rate. We burn a third more calories than usual while in a state of fear, that could be the equivalent of a small chocolate bar. Guess what I’m doing tonight?

F is wearing a Pleat Fold Top with a Pocket Fold Skirt. See the Fashion Show at Fairies Bubbles & Co.


Next, looking cool on the catwalk we have Carpenter. Carpenter is 4, he likes super heroes, tools, and Lego. Dislikes going to bed, dogs, and spiders.

Don’t we all love Lego? Until you stand on one that is.

Carpenter is wearing a Kite Fold Tee, with Book Fold Trousers. Check him out on the runway at Sew Thrifty.


On runway 3 we have Mae, she is very nearly 4, she likes horses, coloring, playing at the park. [Should I leave colouring spelt like that? Hmm! Not sure. It’s bugging me. Shall I change it? Argh! I’ll just leave it, it is bugging me though].

Mae dislikes water slides, bugs and talking to strangers. Well, some stranger are kind of… strange. I don’t blame her.

Check out her Petal Fold Pocket Fold Mash Up at Climbing the Willow. (Is that an origami butterfly that I see on the front of Mae’s dress?)


On runway 4 we have Little Babam, she is 2 years old. She likes Smarties, travelling by train and walking the dog. She dislike having her hair washed, sleeping after lunch and taking her shoes off at home. Which I find interesting, because her mum likes being barefoot even at train stations.

Here, Little Babam is wearing a Balloon Fold Dress

madeit_fashionweek__005 A quick change and out she comes wearing a Petal Fold Top styled perfectly with her own gold skirt. madeit_fashionweek__014One more outfit change and into a Petal Fold Playsuit… dress. And just look at that origami, amazing!

Check out all three of Little Babam’s looks on the runway at Fliegfederfrei.

pink petal fold playsuitOn runway 5 we have 8 year old H. H likes mangoes, drawing and riding her bike. She dislikes tidying her room.

Every time I think of mangoes it reminds me of a 8 year old child I once saw on a documentary. She was still breastfeeding and she said “breast milk tastes better than mangoes”. I’ll leave you with that thought.

H is wearing a Petal Fold Playsuit. See the magical Fashion Show at Made by Toya.


And last but not least we have Eden. Eden is 6. She likes swimming, drawing her own fashion designs and eating crab legs. She really, really, really does NOT like spiders.

Eden is wearing Petal Fold Separates. See the fashion show at East & Eden.

Eden, what’s that by your foot?


Win a Madeit pattern


Again today I will be posting a question about the Fashion Shows on Instagram or Facebook. Make sure you are following because if you are the first to correctly answer the question, you win a Madeit pattern of your choice. But you must be quick, so far every every question has been answered correctly in under 2 minutes.

20% off

20% OFF

If you like what you have seen on the runway today, then strut your funky stuff on over to Madeit Patterns and use code MFW20 to receive 20% off all patterns in the FOLD|2 collection.

€50 voucher for NOSH to be given away


Madeit Fashion Week is sponsored by NOSHNOSH fabrics are made from soft organic cotton, which is very gentle for the skin. The quality of NOSH fabric is no less than amazing. NOSH are generously letting me give away €50 vouchers for their online shop during Madeit Fashion Week. To be in with the chance of winning one of the vouchers look out for our prompt I posted on Instagram yesterday.

And please leave a comment at the end of the Fashion Shows today about any origami creations you have seen, this will help us choose Fashion Show participant to win a €50 NOSH voucher too.

I hope you have enjoyed the shows so far. See you tomorrow for Day 5 of Madeit Fashion Week.

And don’t forget you can see the highlights of all the shows on Instagram #madeitfashionweek

Madeit Fashion Week side bar graphic


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