Just add legs

the Ziggy top onesie ♥ Needle and TedThe onesie became a fashion craze a few years back in the UK. Everyone was wearing them, and I mean everyone. Men, women and children of all ages and social backgrounds. Some were intended as loungewear or sleepwear but the Norwegian company OnePiece created the modern onesie which was pretty cool and people started wearing them on the streets.
Ziggy onesie2It wasn’t long before our shops were filled with cheap imitations and all hell broke loose.

JAD Ziggy1Unfortunately, some people were unable to distinguish between the outdoor and the indoor onesie and a crazy thing happened. People were wearing their pyjamas in the streets, to Sainsburys, to the swimming pool and to my annoyance anywhere they so pleased. And to make matters worse, guess what? Some people even wore them with Ugg boots. Call the police!

I understand about bringing the outside in, but taking the inside out, what’s with that?

Ziggy onesie7As it happens, I love the onesie on kids. Modern, stylish ones anyway. So I made one for Scout, using The Ziggy top pattern. I just added legs.

placket detailAnd a button placket (with minty green snaps) for for easy access. I covered the placket with a strip of harlequin ribbon from Nosh.

Ziggy onesie1 It was pure coincidence that the snaps matched Scouts trainers. She certainly turned a few heads the day she wore her onesie out. I just hope that no one thought she was in her PJs.  the Ziggy top onesie ♥ Needle and TedKids tend to love wearing onesies. My girls are no exception. I’m hoping this one can replace her favourite one which is pink and has a monkey head on the hood. No, I didn’t buy it, or make it (you knew that right?) It was given on to her.

Ziggy onesie_stencils by  Needle and TedI had planned to stencil something on the back, but I couldn’t decide what. Any suggestions?

Ziggy onesie6There are still a few days left to get 20% off the Ziggy top pattern. Head on over to Madeit Patterns now.

20% off Ziggy


13 thoughts on “Just add legs

  1. OH GOODNESS I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!I would totally wear a onesie.
    I think it looks great the way it is! The 3 would be pretty cute too:)


    • Thanks Ajaire. I think they are a bit like the nursery rhyme … When she was good, she was very, very good. And when she was bad she was horrid.
      When they are good, the are very, very good, when they are bad they are horrid 😉


  2. olu, it’s too cute! i’m a guilty wearing onesies, but just at home i promise ;). the harlequine ribbon is perfect for the button planket it worked out very well with the snaps! oh it looks sooo comfy. that was more than just a detail, a fab new look, i love it!


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