Can’t get enough of Japanese sewing books

Tiered blouse_3

I don’t even remember how my love affair with Japanese sewing books started. My first Japanese Sewing book was a gift from my sister. She had seen it on my Pinterest ‘Wish List’ board, right next to the no colour, no flavour, plain, tasteless, minimalist packaging Nihilist Toothpaste.

She obviously assumed I’d prefer the sewing book to the toothpaste for Christmas. Continue reading

Would you dress your baby in black?

retro hat from sweaterI mentioned Gabi from the Minimi Project in my last post. The Minimi Project is for the conciencious sewer. They are all about re using those clothes that you no longer wear and making them into something that will be loved. Their sewing patterns are especially designed for upcycling, so if you use a Minimi pattern you are doing your little bit for the planet.*

retro hat_made by Needle and Ted

I used the Minimi Retro Hat made from a sweater pattern, to sew a retro hat as a gift for my friend’s new baby. The hat is suppose to be made from a sweater (the clue is in the name), but shamefully I didn’t upcycle a sweater, I used some left over fabric instead. (That’s not so bad is it?). The lining was upcycled though, so I don’t feel too guilty. Continue reading

The dangers of sharing a changing room

I was in H&M with my sister and we both had items we wanted to try on. It was busy so we had to queue for the changing rooms. When we got to the front of the queue I told the sales assistant that we would go in together. I thought it would save time and we like to get each others opinion on what we look like, we do that quite often.

“No, you can’t do that,” said the surly sales assistant.

“Why not?” I asked, a little astonished that this could cause an issue.

“Only one person is allowed in each cubicle. Health and safety.” she replied with a smile that suggested she thought she was doing us a favour. Continue reading

Just being honest

Liv sweatshirt by Pattydoo_1As much as I enjoy making clothes for my girls, I would love to have the time to make some things for myself too. Can you believe I have only ever bought 2 pdf patterns for myself.

I have a Pinterest board overflowing with ideas, inspiration and patterns should I ever find the time to sew for myself.

But alas, it rarely happens. Until along came an email from a German company called Pattydoo, who have just launched their site in English. “Would you like to review one of our patterns?” On closer inspection I find that Pattydoo not only ‘doo’ kids patterns (yawn!) but adults too (hurrah!). An opportunity to make something for myself “Yes please, I’ll do it.”

But Pattydoo were putting themselves at risk when they asked me to review their pattern, because if I think a pattern is a load of old tosh, I will politely tell you. I can only be honest on my blog, so here’s my honest review. Continue reading