Improvisational pleating. Have you tried it yet?

improvisational pleating THE CONTEST copy

Do you remember the Hanami dress I made a little while ago? Well, Darcy’s birthday is coming up and I think it will be the perfect little party dress. I’m even thinking of making her a matching birthday crown (watch this space). But what about Scout? What’s she going to wear to the party?

A Hanami dress of course, I told you I was going to make another one. And it’s perfect timing because An at Straight Grain is running ‘Improvisational Pleating, The Contest’. The rules are quite simple, create something and apply improvisational pleating. Why don’t you have a go at improvisational pleating? It’s easier than it looks.

So here’s what I created.

grey hanami dress

I used the origami path technique again because its my absolute favourite. But this time I added a spotty cotton between the grey linen pleats. I won’t tell you how I did it, I don’t want to spoil the illusion.

grey hanami 6

You have no idea how indecisive I was about what options to go for when making this dress. It was ridiculous how many times I changed my mind. Sleeves, no sleeves, leather sleeves. Peter Pan collar, no collar. Contrasting piping, keep it simple. Circle skirt, peplum top. Cross back, zip…

grey hanami dress

Yes, definitely zip. I hadn’t tried an invisible zip before so it would be good practice. There we go, decision made. Not quite invisible, but not bad for a first attempt without an invisible zipper foot.

grey hanami 3

I just love how my second Hanami dress turned out. Another perfect little party dress.

You may recognise the spotty cotton and the grey linen fabric. As much as I like using up fabric from my stash, it’s always sad to see favourites go.

grey hanami 1

I originally intended to use chambray, but on this occasion nothing ended up as I originally intended. Chances are I’ll probably make another one at some point. I’m itching to use my chambray.

grey hanami 2 grey hanami 5

The voting starts tomorrow (Saturday 24 May) and ends Monday 26 May. Don’t worry I’ll remind you.

If you like what you see, vote for meeeeee.






27 thoughts on “Improvisational pleating. Have you tried it yet?

  1. So sweet! I love everything about this dress – the grey fabric looks so sophisticated, but the polka dots add a fun touch. And your secret method for mixing fabrics in the pleating looks amazing:)


  2. Such a beautiful dress! It looks very modern, yet cute. You must be really proud.

    I would love to share it with my readers at my link party 🙂 You are more than welcome to stop by and look for more votes (you deserve them!)


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