Do you hate surprises?

Jack and Jill star shirt

I’m a Sewing Rabbit Pattern Member and each month we get three patterns, which vary from kidswear to womenswear and accessories. We don’t know what the patterns are going to be until we receive them at the beginning of each month. It’s all a big surprise and that’s one of the reasons I joined. I really love surprises but I have friends and members of my family who really hate surprises. Weird? or normal? They like to know what’s going to happen, they like to prepare and plan. The thought of a surprise leaves them feeling unsettled. To have something sprung on them that they were not expecting (even if it’s a nice something), makes them a bit nervous. How do you feel about surprises? Are you a surprise lover or a surprise hater? Am in the minority?

Our surprise patterns for April were the adorable Natty Janes leather baby shoes, but unfortunately I don’t have anyone to make them for. The Ojai Wrap, which is not my style, but that’s ok because it just gives me one less thing to dream about. Come on, I know I’m not the only one that has fabric dreams. And the Jack & Jill Shirt, which I immediately desired. Having never sewn a shirt before and I was definitely up for the challenge.

Jack and Jill star shirt_close up

I wanted to add a few unique touches so I added an extra collar, why have one collar when you can have two? The collar didn’t quite fit the shirt properly, look how it doesn’t quite line up. (Fail No 1.)

Jack and Jill star shirt3

With the remainder of the bright yellow fabric (the woman in the shop convinced me that I needed far more than I actually did for the collar), I decided to colour block the back. Annoyingly I didn’t think about matching the stars. (Fail No 2.) After watching the whole series of The Great British Sewing Bee you’d think I’d know better. Any how, just to prove I was paying a bit of attention during the show, I did a flat fell seam throughout. So the inside looks a lot neater than most of the other things I’ve sewn and I used bright yellow thread to highlight the stitching from the outside.

I also added a yellow trim to the inside of the button placket. Sadly I only decided to do this at the end, so it was too late to tuck it under the collar, so it’s a bit messy. (Fail No 3.)

Jack and Jill star shirt1

But they weren’t the biggest fails. When Darcy tried on the shirt, it was clear that the armscye was a bit on the large size, actually it was huge for her. The cuffs were fine, even though I did them a bit wrong (there was a sentence in the instructions that I didn’t quite get, until afterwards, Sod’s law), so the opening is smaller than it’s suppose to be.

Jack and Jill star shirt4

Darcy has very slim arms, so a large armscye is quite noticeable, such a shame after all the time and effort I had put into making the shirt. At this point I actually wanted to cry because despite all the little imperfections that I have pointed out, I was really pleased with the shirt. But with an armscye big enough to fit a fully grown adult (well at least my fully grown sister) it really spoilt the overall aesthetics.

Jack and Jill star shirt5

I put the shirt aside for a few weeks before I felt able to blog about it. Three weeks later I’m over it and back to appreciating all the things that went right with the shirt, and how cheerful it is with those bright yellow stars.





11 thoughts on “Do you hate surprises?

  1. I love the stars and yellow is my favorite color, especially a bright, cheery yellow like you used, so I love the shirt! I’m sure no one other than you will notice any little imperfections. Actually, I don’t think they will look past that adorable daughter of yours to even notice anything wrong 🙂

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  2. I love that fabric! That is so frustrating to put time into something and have it not turn out the way you envisioned, but I would’ve never noticed some or any of the things you pointed out before!


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