Cast your vote TODAY

improvisational pleating THE CONTEST copy

An at Straight Grain is running ‘Improvisational Pleating, The Contest‘. The rules are simple, create something and apply improvisational pleating.

Here are my two entries for the competition

grey hanami dress Number 21


hanami dress 6Number 22


The voting starts today and ends on Monday .

If you like what you see, vote for meeeeee.


Thank you 



10 thoughts on “Cast your vote TODAY

  1. Great work on both pleated creations, wish I could’ve voted for both, but in the end chose the grey as I love the effect of the dual fabric pleat – nice, very nice! Good luck clever lady x


  2. I love the little grey dress, it’s sooo cute 🙂 I think it is my favourite from all the lovely creations in the pleating contest.
    If I hadn’t voted for my own dress first, I would have given my vote for this one. 🙂 And the mixed fabric pleats is a great idea. I have to try it myself.
    Where did you buy the grey polka dot fabric from? I want to get some


    • Thanks Elle, the fabric was from a local shop. I wanted some more myself, but sadly it’s all gone. You’re golden dress was quite special. Well done in the competition. Though I have to say the Origami pleated persimmon by Stitched Together was my absolute favourite. I thought it was stunning and was surprised that it didn’t win.


      • I agree that the persimon dress was very pretty 🙂
        It’s a shame when a favourite fabric is gone and you can’t buy more of it. I’ve been in a sutiation like this.
        Now I hesitate whether or not to buy some Birch flight voile fabric. I quite like two of the colours. I need to buy at least 4 metres, but it comes a bit expensive. I am afraid that if I don’t buy them now, they might be gone in a few months and I would regret it. What a dilemma ………….:)


        • I love the birch flight fabric, but yes very expensive. Where are you getting it from? I’ve only seen it online. I can’t imagine it will be gone in a few months, quite a lot of online fabric stores sell it.


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