Baby number 4


Oh my word!!! Sara just had a baby, another one, that makes 4, yes 4 children. I’m from a family of 4 children; 2 boys and 2 girls, it’s a ready made party and there’s always someone to play with. I always thought that 4 was the magic number, but De La Soul would tell you otherwise.

My daughter has a friend called Emma, her mum has 4 children too, and would you believe she named her first child April, her second child May, and her third child June. Bet you can’t guess what her fourth child is called?

Erm! Did you really actually say ‘July’? Ha ha, got ya, nope, she was called Emma.


Anyway, enough about Emma, I have a little gift to show you that I made for Sara’s new little baby. When I made these dungarees Sara’s baby was not born yet. (I love it when I’m early for things. I doesn’t happen often.)

Sara had told me she was having a boy, but I wasn’t convinced. You know, sometimes they get these things wrong.


Anyway, just to be on the safe side I made unisex dungarees. They could be called a little boyish, but if you turn them inside out you may perhaps think they were a little girlie. So that’s both bases covered.

The pattern I used was a free pattern from Oh Mother Mine Diy. I have no idea if they are going to fit but I made the largest size (6-9months) just in case Sara had a whopper of a baby. You never know.


And I sensibly and considerately left the buttons holes for Sara to do. That way she can put them in the correct position. Straps falling off the shoulders all the time can be most annoying.

Alright, I know what you’re thinking and no, it absolutely has nothing to do with me being slightly afraid of buttonholes. One false move and the whole thing could be ruined. Nope, I’m not scared, I’m fearless.


Anyway, Sara, I suggest having the straps crossed at the back, I think they will be a little more stable like that 😉

Big congratulations to you Sara. I’m sure your new little (or big) baby boy (or girl) will bring you loads of joy, smiles and laughter which will no doubt outweigh sleepless nights, baby sick and poonami.

And I’m not the only one who made a gift for you, I hope you have some wardrobe space. Look what everyone else has been cooking up…

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