Perfectly random

yellow Groove Dress_2

When I named the Groove Dress, it was completely random. Seriously! I used a random generator, check out what else it could have been called. I had every intention of changing it at a later date. Naming a dress should take a while right? Not just a few thoughtless seconds. But the Groove Dress remained the Groove Dress because quite frankly, the name could not be more appropriate.

yellow Groove Dress_6

Just try it, sew one up, put it on and watch what happens. As soon as get your Groove on, you will get your groove on. You won’t be able to resist.

yellow Groove Dress_5

This is the 13th Groove Dress I’ve made. It’s a happy dress, my girls love it. It ticks all the boxes for them. Not least, the headstand, handstand, cartwheel box.

yellow Groove Dress_4

And for an adult, the Groove dress is a perfectly elegant, ultra feminine wardrobe staple. But believe it or not, I still haven’t made one for myself. I’m procrastinating until I find that perfect fabric.

yellow Groove Dress_1

This dotty yellow ochre jersey knit from Monkeys and Pumpkins was perfect for Darcy’s short sleeved summer Groove Dress. A happy colour with irregular random dots and great drape. yellow Groove Dress_3

Have you made a Groove Dress yet?

Be sure to show us your pictures if you have. I’ve seen lots of beautiful ones popping up on Instagram, thank you so much to everyone who has bought our pattern. We really appreciate it and get such joy in seeing your creations.

We’ve had some lovely reviews too. Like this one from Meg, this one from Mie and this one from Diana. Thank you ladies we couldn’t be more delighted by reading about your positive experiences.

yellow Groove Dress_7

Join the Groovement

If you haven’t made a Groove Dress yet and would like to ‘join the Groovement’, you can purchase the adult pattern here or the kids pattern here and with that, the teen pattern comes free. Yayyyy!!!

And if you’re still not convince that the Groove Dress is for you, take a look here and maybe you will change your mind.

Happy Sewing!

6 thoughts on “Perfectly random

  1. Cute, cute! Love that yellow fabric! I am waiting for photos of my nieces and my sister-in-law in their matching Groove dresses… hoping they look as great as this one!


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