Can’t get enough of Japanese sewing books

Tiered blouse_3

I don’t even remember how my love affair with Japanese sewing books started. My first Japanese Sewing book was a gift from my sister. She had seen it on my Pinterest ‘Wish List’ board, right next to the no colour, no flavour, plain, tasteless, minimalist packaging Nihilist Toothpaste.

She obviously assumed I’d prefer the sewing book to the toothpaste for Christmas.

That was nearly 3 years ago, now I have 6 more books in my collection and another 12 on my Pinterest ‘Wish List’ board. Tiered blouse_1

Happy Homemade Sew Chic Kids, has 20 easy to make patterns for boys and girls. This tiered blouse being my favourite, basic yet stylish and perfect for the hot weather we are hoping to have lots of some day, soon, in the near future, I hope… PLEASE!Tiered blouse_2What I like most about the patterns, is their no fuss simplicity. A bit like Nihilist Toothpaste, plain and minimalist. I’m all over that.Tiered blouse_4Then just by adding some unexpected neon yellow for the ribbon, it gives that little detail that makes me (and Darcy) smile.Tiered blouse_5I got my Japanese sewing fix this month and it feels good. What sewing fix do you feel the need to get in monthly, or weekly even?


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