London Sew Social

tea towel

Tea towel illustrated by Toya (Made by Toya). Printed by Spoonflower.

Last year I went to Paris to meet 13 strangers. This year some of those ‘strangers’ (plus some extra strangers) came to London. And can you believe, like a naive teenager I let two of those strangers stay at my house. And that was after explaining ‘stranger danger’ to my 8 year old.

So who were these strangers?

After Paris Sew Social last year, some of these strangers quickly evolved into friends. Though we rarely see each other in real life, this amazing thing called the internet keeps us in touch.


Gioia from Italy who blogs at dotta


Annika from Germany who blogs at Näh-Connection


Marta from Portugal who blogs at Do Guincho


Maartje from the Netherlands who blogs at Huisje Boompje Boefjes (top marks if you can pronounce that).


Victoria from the UK who blogs at As it Seams


Laura from the UK who blogs at Craftstorming


An from Belgium who blogs at Straight Grain

And this time, a few other kid sewing bloggers joined us: 

Group 2

Maria from Colombia who lives in the UK and blogs at My Cozy Co

Toya from the UK who blogs Made by Toya

Andreia from Portugal who blogs at In a Manner of Sewing


Eva from Belgium who blogs at By Eva Maria


Ines from Portugal who blogs at La Folie

Trine and Liesl

Trine from Denmark who blogs at Groovy Baby and Mama and Liesl from the US who lives in Spain and blogs at Oliver & S.

Andreia and Liesl stayed at my house for the first night “No, Darcy I haven’t met them in real life, I’ve only met them on the internet”. How do you explain that to an 8 year old? But as it turned out Andreia and Liesl were not nice in a Ted Bundy sort of way, they were genuinely lovely (and trustworthy) people. PHEW!!!

And 2 surprise guests joined us for the first day. Rachel from House of Pinheiro and Maria from Fairies Bubbles. It was lovely to meet them, albeit just for a few hours.

London Sew Social logo

The annual European kids sewing bloggers meet up has become quite a thing. I look forward to it every year.

IMAG1528Hanging out with such creative and talented ladies who share a passion for sewing. It really is something special.

We had so much fun during our London Sew Social weekend, but I was too busy enjoying the moment to capture the moment. So I’ve had to rely heavily on other people’s photos for this blog post.

Our days were full of fabric, shopping, haberdashery, culture and lots of walking.

And our evening full of good food, chat and laughter.

I discovered…

  • Some of these ladies are even smaller than I thought.
  • Everyone’s handmade clothes look just as good in real life, (but in real life there’s the added benefit of touch). I really enjoyed stroking Trine’s coat.
  • Some people (Andreia and An) carry sets of measurements in their heads. When they shop for fabric they know just the right amount to buy because they know exactly which patterns require what amount of fabric.
  • Inês does not just save her smile for blog posts, it’s a constant thing.
  • Marta walks – everywhere, a bit like Forest Gump only slower.
  • I am not the only one who claims a colour as my own. Just like I own grey, An owns mustard, Maartje own blues and stripes (and hoods), Trine owns soft pink and Annika owns all the colours.
  • Trine makes an outfit for herself every week.
  • Andreia does not like cheese.


Thank you

And with London Sew Social came lots of sponsorship, for which I am deeply grateful. I will be using the patterns, fabric and haberdashery in the coming months, throughout the year and beyond. I have a few things lined up for the coming weeks, so pop back soon or check #londonsewsocial on Instagram to see the latest makes from everyone.

sponsored goodies

Some of the beautiful delights in our ‘Goodie Bag’.

London Sew Social was a blast, I had the most wonderful weekend with 14 beautiful ladies, and I really look forward to seeing what everyone makes with their fabric purchases and sponsorship.


Personalised pincushion made by Maria (my Cozy Co). Such a thoughtful gift. Thank you Maria xx








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