I know, I’ll make a Cocoon Dress


Sometime I use a pattern just once and never to use it again. In fact I do that a lot because I have so many patterns if I stick to the same one I’ll never get through the rest. But some patterns demand you make another and another and another.

Like the Groove Dress (I’ve made 13), The Ziggy top (I’ve made 11),  the Balloon Fold Dress  (I’ve made 3), the Bubble Shorts (I’ve made 3) and the Louisa Dress (I’ve made two, making another soon), the Hanami dress (I’ve made 2, Darcy keeps asking for another) and the Belinda Dress (I’ve made 2).

And now the Cocoon Dress which will be that pattern that springs to mind when I see cool sweatshirt fabric without a project imminent, “I know, I’ll make a Cocoon dress”.


I have nothing but love for this Cocoon dress pattern by the super stylish Groovy Baby and Mama. It’s going on my list of all time favourites.


I was given this pattern as part of sponsorship for London Sew Social. Thank you Trine for a pattern that just keeps on giving.


Alterations to the pattern:

  • Lengthened (the sleeves and the hemline)
  • Neckband added
  • Double sided shoulder frills rather than raw edges
  • Moved the frill closer to the armpit.

Fabric:  bought during a shopping spree at Simply Fabrics (Brixton) with Toya

tea towel

Toya also illustrated our exclusive London Sew Social souvenir tea towel. Printed onto cotton by Spoonflower who design, print and sell custom made fabric, wallpaper & gift wrap. You could make your own unique fabric, go check them out.

I’m delighted to have this tea towel because I have a thing about London themed illustrations. So it’s another one to add to my collection.


So what patterns do you immediately think of when you’re in a fabric shop looking for nothing in particular? “I know, I’ll make a _______ ” Fill in the blank.

12 thoughts on “I know, I’ll make a Cocoon Dress

  1. Lovely dress, I am really tempted to add this pattern to my ever-growing collection…
    And to answer your question, I’d say “I know, I’ll make a Geranium Dress”. Must have sewn over a dozen for my baby girl who will soon turn two.


  2. A Groove Dress for sure ♡ – all I see are Groove Dresses whenever I look at my drapey, light weight knits. I’ve just bought fabric for a Groove for my sister.
    I LOVE this version of the Cocoon – Lady Grey, you’re the best ♡


  3. I am in love with your groove dress! I specially like the way made the trills. Perfect!
    And I am so happy to see all the gorgeous bubble shorts you have made. Thank you so much!!


  4. i keep seeing this dress popping up everywhere. I get more and more tempted to buy this one as well. But actually i won a few patterns at a giveaway at Sofilantjes (they have great patterns as well), so no excuse for me to buy more patterns until after i have used the new ones…. great fabric btw!!


  5. i see inaridresses when i’m fabric shopping. i guess i’m abit more selfish ☺️. i love your cocoondress and you’re sweet little one really rocks it! 💕💕💕


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