Would this hoodie be banned from Bluewater?


It’s like the Swiss army knife of fashion. A sweatshirt with a hat, fingerless gloves, a scarf and a muff. Well actually, it’s a cowl neck hoodie with thumb holes and a pocket but that didn’t sound so good. Anyway, it’s the perfect garment to survive the cold winter months and look stylish at the same time.

It’s cool, it’s cozy, it’s comfortable. It’s pretty, it’s practical, it’s the Peek-a-boo hoodie. But would you associate it with anti-social behaviour?

In 2005, Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent banned hoodies as part of a crackdown on anti-social behaviour. After that, the number of shoppers at the Bluewater rose by 22%. Would you Adam and Eve it? I wonder what would happen if they banned car parking charges at Westfield, Stratford City. 222% more shoppers I would imagine. Have you seen how much parking costs now at Westfield?

Oops! sorry I’m deviating from the purpose of this blog post, but if any of you know Westfield, Stratford City, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

peekaboo4Anyway, I’m sure this little charmer of a hoodies couldn’t offend anyone.

So, what is the purpose of this blog post?

Well, it’s the Lil Luxe Collection Holiday Blog Tour, and I’m presenting a pretty and practical Peek-a-boo hoodie (how’s that for an alliteration)?

I suppose it’s rather predictable that my Peeka-a-boo hoodie would be grey. If you follow me on Pinterest you may already know that I have a board called ‘What can I make with my grey sweatshirt fleece?’

I’ve had the board (and the fabric) for 41 weeks (or so my Pins tell me). I was waiting for the ideal garment destined to be made out of grey sweatshirt fleece.

You may be surprised to hear that the Peek-a-boo hoodie was not that ideal garment. You see, I think the Peek-a-boo hoodie (for a 7 year old) deserves something more exciting than grey sweatshirt fleece. And I say this because I saw some fabulous fabrics made into Peek-a-boo hoodies and I am deeply envious. I mean just look at this, this and this. Do you see what I mean? But where the dickens do you get fabric like that in London? Seriously, if you know, pray tell.

peekaboo_hoodIn an attempt to inject a bit of funk and originality into what may be described as ordinary grey fleece fabric, I lined the hood with some pretty floral knit which may well be Liberty print. It was given to me, I accepted kindly and asked no further questions.

hoodie eyes ♥ Needle and Ted

Also, under the hood lies the eyes of a cat, hidden and only revealed when the hood is pulled up over the head. Befitting of a hoodie called Peek-a-boo don’t you think?


Had Darcy not been at school during daylight hours, you would be able to see what a cool cat she looks wearing her Peek-a-boo hoodie. But here is Scout swamped in grey fleece, feeling snug as a bug in a rug.

As I was unable to get any pictures of Darcy, I had to get (erm) ‘creative’ with my photography. WARNING, the next 2 images, no matter your mood, age, gender, educational background or culture, will have you in fits of giggles or at least crack a smile. Just roll with it.


The hoodie is a slim flattering fit, suitable for both girls and boys. It comes in 2 lengths. This one being the longer tunic length which I think looks great worn with leggings or skinny jeans and boots.


The thumb holes in the cuff is a detail I bet every child will love, as well as the pocket where you can put your hand through and poke out the other side. The hood comes together as a point at the front which I am not keen on but that’s easy to rectify if I make another.

peek-a-boo hoodie ♥ Needle and Ted

As luck would have it, though I had finished writing this blog post, I was able to get pictures of Darcy in her hoodie, just before she went to bed. Don’t look too closely, you may see the remains of Darcy’s dinner on her sleeves. Ketchup anyone?

If you have some knit fabric even a tad more exciting than grey sweatshirt fleece, maybe you should make one too.

To see more wonderful creations on the Lil Luxe Collection Holiday Blog Tour head on over to:


Oh and I nearly forgot…

There’s a Giveaway and you could be in with the chance of winning some fabric, slightly more wild than grey sweatshirt fleece with $25 credit vouchers from:

Owl and Drum Sew very Modern

Bobbie Lou Fabric Factory

Imagine Gnats

All three companies ship internationally.

Just click on a Rafflecopter giveaway and follow the instructions.

**If you know anywhere online that sells funky sweatshirt fleece please leave a link in the comments box. Thank you kindly.**

24 thoughts on “Would this hoodie be banned from Bluewater?

  1. Kitschy Coo has gorgeous sweatshirting (and knits actually).

    I love the stuff you have made with the Lil Luxe patterns, but do you know whether she has any plans to go bigger, they all stop so small? An age 12 would do…


  2. Hidden eyes = genius. When will we find our london knit fabric grotto?? I had trouble tracking down some 100% cotton grey (big surprise) sweatshirt. And guess what I’d planned making with it? Well I was still deciding between a baseball jacket or a tunic length hoodie! I couldn’t decide because I want to line it with fluffy minky/fleece and wondered if the tunic would look to bulky?


    • Thanks Toya. Who know’s but if it’s out there one of us will find it.

      I got the grey sweatshirt fleece from Rolls and Rems in Lewisham. They have 3 or 4 plain colours, but no prints. It’s soft and cozy inside, I’ll have to get some more because I was hoping to use the grey for myself. The one I used wouldn’t need further lining. It’s very warm and soft already. Personally I wouldn’t line a tunic (if it were for myself). It would make me look like I’ve gone up a dress size 😉

      Coincidentally, I have plans for a baseball jacket too for my little one. I nearly bought a pattern last week in the Black Friday sale but got distracted playing squash and forgot about it 😦


  3. Very creative pictures! I think the idea of the eyes in the back is brilliant. I can’t seem to find nice sweatshirt or knits. Some I have buy them abroad and it could be a bit expensive because the postal charges and taxes. Have you tried stone fabrics? but pricey too, but you know maybe for a treat. Or I have found some knit gems in Walthamstow market. You have to really dig in, but I found once a very nice jersey for 2 pounds meter.


    • Thanks Maria. The postage and taxes really put me off buying online from abroad. Though it is Christmas, so maybe I should treat myself 🙂

      I’ll have a look at Stone Fabrics, I’d never heard of them before. I go to Walthamstow quite often. I’m always keeping my eyes open for those little gems, that’s if you don’t get there first 😉


  4. I love the hoodie, just a pity that it at least does not go up to a age 12, There is such a big gap in the market for decant young teen clothes. society wants them grown up far to quick these days.


  5. Love the hoodie, especially the eyes. Nice touch. As a London lass I totally understand the Westfield parking horror. Lakeside here I come. On another note as I scrolled down a giggle and giggle when I spotted the dog. I hate text talk but LOL.


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