A sleeveless, collarless, buttonless blouse

drape drape blouse_white_1drape drape blouse4I’ve been working my way through my Japanese Sewing Book, Drape Drape 2 by Hisako Sato. The thing is, once I make one thing, I immediately want to make another in a different fabric. So working my way through, could take some time.


But it’s Japanese Sewing Week in Sewing Blogging Kingdom, so a splendid opportunity to show off my 2 two-piece gather drape blouses (catchy name).

drape drape blouse1drape drape blouse1dOnce through the painstaking, tedious process of tracing out the pattern, sewing it up doesn’t take too long, so you might as well make another, if you like it.drape drape blouse5But, if you’re like me, you may have to wait a few days to see if you really like it. Even if something looks good when I first put it on, the true test is how I feel when wearing it. Pattern no 8, 2 two-piece gather drape blouse, is a pain in the butt to wear – if you move. It’s absolutely fine if you’re standing still, that’s the key, don’t move even the tiniest smidge, or it will slips all over the place. I’m continuously fiddling with mine to get it to sit on my shoulders. Most of the time it doesn’t drape at all. It just slips towards the back and the front becomes a flat sheet of fabric. Not so stylish now huh!

drape drape blouse3But actually I think it’s worth playing with (all day long) because when it does drape how it suppose to, I love it. I don’t often ever wear blouses, these two could quite possibly be the only two I possess. But I was drawn to the drapes, the asymmetrical style and its quirkiness. For me, the Japanese sewing patterns in the Drape Drape books cover all bases. I made this top earlier in the year from the same book and have since made a second one. drape drape blouse_back2With it’s simple, clean, elegant photography, the DrapeDrape books are a beauty to behold. I drew inspiration from the book for my photography, serious expression and what to wear with the blouse.

My next make from this book will be the three-piece shirred-leg drape pants (another memorable catchy name) that the model is wearing on the left. The ones I am wearing were a shop bought gift.drape drape blouse3adrape drape blouse7

Drape drape blouse_1

Things to note if you are thinking of buying the book or making this blouse

  1. If you are a bigger than a UK size 12, forget it. Size 10-12 is considered a L/XL. Enough to make anyone feel they have eaten too many pies.
  2. If you are thinking of making this blouse and you hate ironing. Think again. I found myself ironing one side and simultaneously creasing the other, it’s no bed of roses.

drape drape blouse1cdrape drape blouse1bIf you look closely you can see the thin blue and white stripes in the fabric, which are more noticeable in real life. Bet you thought it was grey, didn’t you? Surprise!!!!2 piece gather drape blouse piecesAmazingly, this blouse is made from only 2 pattern pieces, hence the name, 2 two-piece gather drape blouse, see what they did there? There is no collar, no sleeves and no buttons, but still slightly confusing to sew.

drape drape blouse6I had no idea how those shapes were going to fit together and make this crazy cool blouse. It was pattern origami, but hey! I may not be any good at origami, but it doesn’t stop me having a go. drape drape blouse_white_3 drape drape blouse_white_2On the white version, believe it or not, the flower print is quite subtle in real life. I think I’d like to try one more in black. Then that’s it, on to the drape pants.

So, what do you think? Would you wear a blouse like this? I can’t wait to see what everyone else has made for Japanese Sewing Week.

Here’s the line up…

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Or #japanesesewingweek on Instagram.

Something for you (fingers crossed)

There is a giveaway running along with this tour thanks to Tuttle Publishing and Urban Sew.
Three lucky winners will win one of the following prizes:

To enter, just click on a Rafflecopter giveaway, the more entries you validate the more chances you have of winning. The giveaway will be open from 16 – 25 Nov.


You can also join Japanese Sewing Week by linking anything you have made this year using a Japanese pattern. Head on over to Made by Sara for more details.


44 thoughts on “A sleeveless, collarless, buttonless blouse

  1. Oh Olu I love these! You look gorgeous, I think they are totally worth the pain of adjusting all day long. 🙂 The back is beautiful! I have been resisting to buy the drape drape books but you’re tempting me again! ❤


  2. Love it. Love the draping and how you wear it (I can’t wait to see the pants)! There is no way I could wear something so cool, but you totally rock it. As expected. But wait — where’s the grey???


    • Ha ha Emi, technically no grey, but white and black make grey, also the blue one looks grey if you squint 😉

      I’ve been wanting to make the pants for ages, best get on with them soon because I know I’ll wear them all the time.


    • The striped one is my favourite too, and it drapes better because the fabric is softer. Hee hee! That’s all the models have to do, stand still then we buy the patterns lol! No mention of how it looks when you do a cartwheel (because that’s the true test isn’t it?).


  3. Wow, I bet that was hard to sew. It’s not exactly build after the usual concept! I LOVE that you are exploring this area. Super interesting to follow! Personally I would flip having to correct my blouse all day long but you sure look beautiful in both versions!


    • Thank you so much Mie. It was difficult to get my head round at first. The key is to put down every pattern marking and make sure you use something that will not rub off half way through sewing it (ut hum!!!). But after the first one the second one was quite easy.


  4. I love it! It must have been cool to see the whole thing come together. I even think it looks cool when the front falls “flat” and doesn’t drape – kind of architectural-looking. I’ve gone through this book and thought that a lot of the things wouldn’t look good, but maybe I’ll try it again…


  5. That book is on my wish list, but I don’t think I’m brave enough yet. It looks so good on you, totally worth the pain of adjusting it all day long!


  6. These blouses look really stylish on you and you do wear them so well – I actually like the way they drape and fit you.
    I’m not sure if I ever will be brave enough to sew one for me, but you’ve given me some food for thought …


    • Awww! Thank you Mary. Yes, the designs in the Drape drape books are definitely not for everyone. The clothes I wear are certainly not what every [ut hem errr!! cough splutter] year old would wear, I like things that are a bit quirky but not weird, (well I hope not weird lol!). Even my mum said she’s not keen on my blouse (but that’s a compliment lol!).


  7. Olu, no one is allowed to be so cool! Stop it now. Ok, kidding, don’t stop! Yes I did think the first blouse was gray 🙂 I think both blouses look fab and you totally pull off the look! Have fun ironing 😉


  8. OK, I’m imagining the ironing and it’s making me cry a little on the inside. 🙂
    you seriously do look cool and I love it with your baggy pants. The photoshoot duel is fabulous.
    If only they were more wearable, ’cause you are rocking the avant garde fabric origami look. Very hip.
    Me, I’d look like I put the swaddle on and forgot the baby!


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