This better be worth it

ikea fox fabric

Hands up who thinks this fabric is totally gorgeous? I do. So much so that I had it stashed away for… ut hum! 3 years. I had no idea what to make with it. Until now…

_0000_Louisa dres_fox fabric1Here goes…_0001_Louisa dres_fox fabric2Let’s go wild and cut slap, bang in the middle of my gorgeous fabric. Eeek!!! _0003_Louisa dres_fox fabric4This better be worth it._0004_Louisa dres_fox fabric5I need to think about this carefully._0006_Louisa dres_fox fabric6OK, yes, I’m happy with that.

A few minutes hours later…

invisible zip insertionPutting my new Bernina invisible zipper foot to the test.Louisa dress_Ikea fabric_0000_invisible perfectionOh my! Invisible perfection. Time for that happy dance.

Some time later…

Louisa dress_Ikea fabric_0001_Lousia dress_front view“Mummy, I love my new dress.” Louisa dress_Ikea fabric_0002_Lousia dress_side on“How long do I have to stand here for?”Louisa dress_Ikea fabric_0003_Lousia dress_back viewWhat does the fox say?Louisa dress made by Needle and TedBright modern fabric + gorgeous retro pattern = one happy 4 year old + one satisfied sewer (eww!! I hate that word).

Well, was that the right dress to make with my gorgeous fabric? Or should I have made a cushion?


32 thoughts on “This better be worth it

  1. It’s SO great!!! I do the same thing with fabric sometimes – just fall in love with something and then it’s hard to cut into it!!! I’m glad she loves her new dress!!!


  2. I love that fabric, and my 4 yr old twins had curtains made from it in their bedroom in our old house. Since we moved some has been cut into for bags for my older daughter and her friend, but the remnants have been hiding in my linen cupboard – now I know what to do with it! I’ve had the Louisa dress pattern for ages, and that fabric works for the front pocket section beautifully! Love the fox on the back too – gorgeous!


    • Bags are a great idea. I think I might make some drawstring bags with the remainder. Thanks for the idea.

      Thank you, I really love the back too, initially I was going to use plain pink, I’m so glad I changed my mind.


  3. The whole fabric tells a story I can tell why you liked it. Looking at the fabric I can see why it was difficult to decide what to make. With all those different parts you could quite easily lose the great design. However you did it justice, you kept the design and made a great dress.


  4. Squeeeeak! This is absolutely, totally, painfully gorgeous!

    (I did giggle when I saw your first cut right in the middle of the fabric, I would have stopped for a cup of tea and a deep breath right there)


  5. I ABSOLUTELY love this…. Just gorgeous fabric… And isn’t satisfying when fabric that has been sitting on a shelf for years eventually becomes something beautiful? And have massive ‘cutting’ empathy about this – I bet the ‘thinking’ and ‘placing’ took longer than the sewing…!x


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