Petit Oiseau meaning… fierce lion?

Go on… put it in Google Translate.

Note: Make sure your read to the end of this blog post because guess what? You could be the lucky winner of 21 pdf patterns. Yes, I said ’21’.

Petit Oiseau_6

Petit Oiseau is the name of the new pattern by Filles a Maman, a long or short sleeve top with an asymmetrical flounce that immediately caught my eye. I was eager to make one, the flounce detail intrigued me. I wondered what it would be like if the flounce had a little more structure. By using scuba rather than a drapey knit, the flounce would have a rigid look but still be soft to touch.

Petit Oiseau_4

The result: an uber-modern, edgy sweatshirt top.

Petit Oiseau_2

When I put it on Scout she instinctively turned into a fierce lion (I have no explanation, that’s the mind of a 4 year old).

Petit Oiseau_5But when she’d had enough of that, she danced around like a playful cat.Petit Oiseau_8And when the cat wanted more, she put on a hat you can’t ignore.Petit Oiseau_10And when the cat got a really tired, she became a witch but was uninspired.

Petit Oiseau_9And when the witch got too bored, she became a rabbit which I adored.Petit Oiseau by Needle and TedAnd when the rabbit got too excited, we finished our shoot and she was delighted.Petit Oiseau_sleeve

So, did you like my little rap? Or was it just a load of _ _ _ _? [Fill in the blanks].

Alright, alright, I’ll stop now.

Changes I made to the pattern

  • Used a single layer of fabric for the flounce and left the edge raw
  • Changed the angle at the end of the flounce to a curve so that it flowed smoothly into the sleeve
  • Left the hem raw

Ideas for my next one (or two)

  • Fringing instead of the flounce
  • Piping instead of a flounce
  • 3 different fabrics (colour block)

Petit Oiseau_3

Want to buy the pattern?

If you would like to make a Petit Oiseau, go grab it now because it is on sale for $6 until midnight EDT Friday 5th December.

And if you want to see some more Little Birds, here’s were you can find them…

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Petit Oiseau Blog tour-01


21 patterns to be given away to one lucky winner…

Jennuine designs (1 pattern of choice)- Petit à Petit Patterns (1 pattern of choice)- Paisley Roots (Safron dress and All spice patterns)- Jalie (1 pattern of choice)- Sofilantjes (1 pattern of choice)- Call Ajaire (1 pattern of choice)- Knot Sew Normal (1 pattern of choice)- Momma Quail Patterns (1 pattern of choice)- Duck Butt Designs (1 pattern of choice)- The Wolf and the Tree (1 pattern of choice)- Laela Jeyne Patterns (1 pattern of choice)- Kelly J Patterns (1 pattern of choice)- Golden Rippy (1 pattern of choice)- Dandelions ‘n’ Dungarees (1 pattern of choice)- FABulous Home sewn (1 pattern of choice)- Bishy Barnababes -(1 pattern of choice) Filles à Maman (3 patterns of choice).

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17 thoughts on “Petit Oiseau meaning… fierce lion?

  1. Oops i didn’t realise it was a rap. Oh I must be _ _ _ _. The Scuba is a good idea as it keeps the shape. I keep on meaning to sew with scuba. I like the fact that you don’t have to finish it with a hem. I looked at FAM’s designs and I can see why you used scuba to keep that lovely frill. Looks great.


    • You can be forgiven CreativeButterfly, my rapping is a bit dry.
      Thank you for your kind word about the top named Little Bird.
      This is another rap I hope you can tell, I better give up now before I get taken to jail.


  2. Great post again, but you know I am a …. (in my mind it rhymes, when when I checked the web to be sure, there seems to be several ways to pronounce “again” so just to be sure my word rhymes with “man” 🙂 )


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