How to make your wedding unforgetable

How about dress your son as a dinosaur and walk down the aisle to the theme song of Jurassic Park?


I kid you not, this is what happened at my client’s wedding (get me! client). My brief was to design and make the dinosaur costume. Quite frankly the most exciting brief I’ve ever had. I got to work right away.

I wanted it to be more of a stylish dinosaur inspired outfit, fit for a wedding. Rather than a costume that you might find at a fancy dress shop in bad quality fleece. I came up with a design that the bride instantly loved.

dino design

I found the perfect fabric, which looked just like dinosaur skin…



And this is what I made…

dino costume copyThe top is very loosely based on the toddler jacket by Small Dream Factory. Small Dream Factory is probably THE BEST BLOG EVER for free baby and kids sewing patterns. Go check it out. I was tempted to keep it all to myself, but SHARING IS CARING.

I used See Kate Sew Triangle Pants pattern for the bottoms (the triangle pockets being a neat little detail representing dino spikes). Either the pattern comes up extremely small or the little 10 month old baby* the outfit was intended for must have been eating elephants for dinner to end up as a size 4.

The tortoise shell buttons were purposely chosen because they remind me of dinosaur toenails. Don’t you agree?


I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of making the dino outfit, so much so I started a new Pinterest board.

Killing two birds with one dinosaur

Halloween being just around the corner, I was delighted to be asked by Stephanie of Swoodson Says to be part of Halloween Hacks. I thought I could kill two birds with one dinosaur and cleverly incorporate my wedding brief in with the Halloween fun. Seamlessly I hope. (See what I did there?)

Illustration by Sergey Krasovskiy, featuring my nephew

What do you call a friendly, affectionate, affable dinosaur? A Thesaurus.

In the UK, if we dress up for Halloween, it’s usually a spooky costume or a black cat (yep, there’s always a black cat). That is if you are not a killjoy like me who turns off all the lights and pretends no one is home to avoid gangs of freaky dressed up kids, trick or treating at my door. But, I was informed by Stephanie that in the US pretty much anything goes. (Just incase you were wondering what a dinosaur has to do with halloween).

What is Halloween Hacks all about?

Well it’s pretty much making a Halloween costume using a pattern that was not actually intended to be a Halloween costume. So I can safely say “I did that”.

But also there is a scavenger hunt going on that you, yes you, can participate in and win prizes.


Somewhere within a September blog post on the participating blogs you can find the Halloween Hacks icon (shown above) for a chance to win one of three awesome sewing prize packs!

Pack 1 { $30 to The Ribbon Retreat +2 patterns from GYCT Designs + 1 pattern from Dog Under My Desk}

Pack 2 {$30 to The Fabric Fairy + Kids Pattern Package from imagine gnats}

Pack 3 {$30 to Fat Quarter Shop + 2 patterns from Everything Your Mama Made & More + Ramblin’ Raglan Mega Pattern Pack from Muse of the Morning}

Three winners will be chosen randomly (their form completion verified) and emailed within 3 days of the hunt’s closure. All the info you need is in the Rafflecopter over on Swoodson Says.

Off you go then…

Participating Blogs

Wednesday, October 1st: Rebekah Sews & Dog Under My Desk

Thursday, October 2nd: Friends Stitched Together & Sew Pandi

Friday, October 3rd: That’s What She Crafted & Everything Your Mama Made & More

Monday, October 6th: Shawnta Sews & Handmade Boy

Tuesday, October 7th: Muse of the Morning & Swoodson Says

Wednesday, October 8th: Call Ajaire & Sew McCool

Thursday, October 9th: Once Upon A Sewing Machine & imagine gnats

Friday, October 10th: The Sewing Geek & Feather’s Flights

Monday, October 13th: Get Your Crap Together & Needle and Ted

Tuesday, October 14th: The Shaffer Sisters & The Inspired Wren

Wednesday, October 15th: Pattern Revolution & Just Joshin


*My nephew is modelling the dino costume in all the shots but this is the child the outfit was made for (just incase you thought I was joking).

dino wedding photo

Lucy Russell Photography

**Permission was given to use the dinosaur illustration by Sergey Krasovskiy.

16 thoughts on “How to make your wedding unforgetable

  1. Hmmm a dinosaur at a wedding. I am sure there were plenty of them back in the day but a dinosaur in 2014 I wasn’t so sure until I saw it. I am liking your costumes/day wear. First the knight hoodie then this. I am waiting to see what is next.


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