Buy one, get FIVE free!

When your 7 year old decides her gold zip gives her special powers enabling her to scale the concrete walls of the urban jungle, you’ve just got to let her do it, even if she is wearing flip flops.

Ziggy Top ♥ Needle and Ted Ziggy Top ♥ Needle and Ted Ziggy Top ♥ Needle and TedZiggy Top ♥ Needle and Ted Ziggy Top ♥ Needle and Ted Ziggy Top ♥ Needle and Ted Ziggy Top ♥ Needle and Ted Ziggy Top ♥ Needle and Ted

I had some blue sweatshirt fleece left over from the knight hoodie I made for my nephew, (I had completely guessed how much I needed and completely guessed wrong), so I decided make a simple sweatshirt for Darcy. Fabrics like wool irritate her skin but she loves the warm, snuggly softness of sweatshirt fleece, nearly as much as the smoothness and the smell of swimming caps, but that’s another story.

I bought the pattern from Made It Patterns literally because it was on sale for £1.50 and I just can’t resist a bargain. Can you? It was shockingly simple to make, Darcy could have probably made it herself (sans zip). You gotta love patterns like that.

Ziggy Top ♥ Needle and Ted

The gold zip was an afterthought so I didn’t make any adjustments to the pattern before I dived in and cut a slit through the middle of the perfectly-fine-as-it-was sweatshirt. But all was fines, fleece is very forgiving. Phew!

Darcy chose the gold zip from my little collection of fun zips. I would have chosen a bright pink one, but alas, if I used pink she may not have worn it. She detests pink at the moment.

The smaller bright pink zip looked good angled at the bottom of the sweatshirt but the long gold zip looked ideally positioned at the top, right down the centre.

Ziggy Top ♥ Needle and TedI left the bottom and cuffs unfinished for that urban touch, which suits my Little Rascal. I like the way it curls when you do that.

I can see this sweatshirt getting a lot of use over the coming months. Big and soft, Darcy can just chuck it on for that instant warm, cosy feeling.

No doubt I’ll be using this pattern again and again. It’s like a blank canvas, where you just add your own details or adapt it to suit your needs.

And the best bit of buying this impromptu pattern was that after leaving a review on Etsy, I was entered into a prize draw. And guess what? I won. So five, yes five new patterns are heading my way. See what marvellous things can happen when you act on impulse.

What wonderful things have happened to you after buying something on impulse?


13 thoughts on “Buy one, get FIVE free!

  1. Oooooh! I have never come across a golden zip! My daughter who is 4 and therefore loves everything shiny would have loved it! I would totally let her climb the urban jungle too 😉


    • Amazing how all kids love shiny, it’s a given. Ha ha, unbeknownst to me at the time my 2 year old was also climbing the urban jungle whilst I was taking the photos. I was shocked to see her up there, I thought she was beside me.


  2. I love your photos here! You are truly artistic and I’m so inspired! I’m not usually impulsive but I have to admit that sometimes I buy fabric with no plans for it.


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