What song does everyone know the words to?

What song does everyone know the words to?

Has there ever been a song that you’ve been singing for ages only to discover years later that you’ve been singing the wrong words? Then even when you know the right words you continue singing the wrong words because you prefer them. Do you know the song “Pump up the Jam’ by Technotronic? “Iowa, a place to stay, get your booty on the floor tonight, make my day”. Well that’s what I have always sang, but I recently found out the correct worlds are “I WANT, a place to stay…”

socialite top ♥ Needle and Ted

But there is one song that EVERYONE knows the words to. Even my dad who forgets/changes the words to every song he sings. Can you guess what it is? That’s right ‘Happy Birthday’. And the reason I’m talking about birthdays is because my beautiful daughter Scout just turned 3, she doesn’t even realise how amazing she is to me. She can make me laugh even when I don’t feel like smiling. When I blew out my candles, my wish came true. Scout is my little miracle.

socialite 3

OK, soppy bit over. Look what I made for her birthday. No, not three wooden cakes on a cake stand. The outfit silly. I’ve been singing the navy blues (with a splash of minty green and a drop of yellow). What colours have you been rocking lately?

I was given this newly launched pattern, and I was excited to get started, so much so that:

a) I didn’t pre wash my fabric

b) I didn’t think about colour run

c) I didn’t measure Scout

d) I didn’t do the hoovering that day.

Oooh! I’m such a rebel.

socialite 5

The Socialite pattern has two versions, a bubble dress or peplum top. I made the top version with a band instead of the flounce. (Peplums and harem pants go together like sardines and ice cream, call the fashion police!)

socialite close upI had seen lots of the Socialites in Blogland, but there was a colour block dress that totally impressed me and I’m not afraid to say I copied was totally inspired by it. (Spot the similarities.)

socialite back

The back of the Socialite hangs lower than the front. A nice touch but as usual I forgot to add a label, so if my husband was getting Scout dressed, guess which way round he’d put the top on? socialite 4I paired up the Socialite with some harem pants. The three that I’d made previously were getting too small. See here, here and here. I added two big pockets to the back this time and lined them with the minty green fabric that I used at the sides of the top.socialite 2Scout was overjoyed with new dapper outfit. Though before she went to bed that night she told me her Hexbugs were her favourite present.

But for me, a daughter is one of the most beautiful and precious gifts that life has to offer.


7 thoughts on “What song does everyone know the words to?

  1. Hmm.. Even me who is not an english native, i knew the lyrics 😉
    Bon anniversaire Scout !! You are so brave, you have to live with your mum’s jokes…
    Amazing outfit !! Love the colors matching !!!What type of fabric have you used? Do you think that it would work for a boy (without the details on the shoulders?)


    • Thank you. Scout loves my jokes 😉 The main navy fabric is linen. The minty green is cotton by Riley Blake. The yellow is a kind of waffle fabric, I have no clue what it is called.

      I think it could look lovely on a boy as a zip up jacket in the right colours with out the shoulder detail. Such a good idea.


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