JUST ADD DETAIL graphicI set a challenge to some of my blogging buddies. Take The Ziggy top and just add detail. They were free to interpret ‘just add detail’ as they saw fit, to create something in their own, individual unique style. And let me tell you, these sassy bloggers have serious style.

On 23 March, each blogger will be showing off their unique detail for The Ziggy top. So head on over to their blogs on Monday to check them out.

I said Monday.

Who is Ziggy anyway?

Ziggy - Front cover

Ziggy is simple boxy top, perfect for beginner sewers. It can be sewn in under an hour. It’s versatility makes it a great blank canvas pattern where you can experiment, go wild, add a pocket, a zip, a hood, even wings and fly away with all the possibilities. Here’s one I made earlier. And as if by magic, here’s another.

I just couldn’t resist making another for the ‘Just Add Detail’ Challenge so here’s a sneak peak of my Ziggy with added detail. All will be revealed next week.

The Ziggy

At Madeit Patterns, we are all about challenges and competitions in a fun and friendly way. None of this ‘everyone’s a winner’ malarkey. Whoever makes a Ziggy top which we consider has the most unique detail, the most original element, is the most fancy, the most clever, the most dope, wins a Madeit Pattern of their choice.

Come back here on Monday, it may well be as exciting as the final of The Voice UK. And for you there is 20% off the The Ziggy for 1 week only (23 March – 29 March 2015). What unique detail would you add?

8 thoughts on “JUST ADD DETAIL challenge

  1. What a fun challenge! I would probably go for a bleach drawing or a drape effect, two very different things, I know, but like I said I love comming up with tthese type of things.


    • Bleach drawing sounds fab, I was thinking of doing that on the pocket of the Jagget jeans but my daughter ruled it out.

      Draping would be amazing. I would love to see that. I wonder if anyone will go down that road.


  2. ohhh I am excited to see everyone’s! Yea, I think I would love to see draping too😊. Every day I think more and more of buying that book you have on draping. I wish it had children’s clothing patterns. Back to main topic😉 the ziggy is awesome


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