A hash of the Hosh

hosh pants 1

I’m back again, with another pattern from Perfect Pattern Parcel #2. The Hosh Pants’ by LouBee Clothing.

To be honest I was slightly underwhelmed when I saw this pattern on the list, but I have since come to realise and appreciate that a pattern like the Hosh pants can act like a blank canvas. The pattern is so simple and so basic that with a little creativity you can easily stamp your own personality on them. Add pockets, some piping, topstitching for example, the possibilities are endless.

In saying that, I didn’t do any of these things whilst making this version. I decided to give them a bash because they looked simple and practical. Sometimes you need simple, practical, everyday garments for chilling at home or popping to grandmas house. For this reason I think the Hosh Pants are again ideal.

hosh pants 3

I took far too long choosing the fabric and I’m not sure I made the right decision. Flimsy, spotty, baggy leggings was not my intension, though this is what I feel I got.

The Hosh Pants have a simplicity that I like, but I think the fabric is key, and the fabric I chose didn’t do the pattern any justice. I would have preferred them in a heavier winter fabric, to make them feel more like trousers and less like leggings. Like these, that are adorable and I wish I had seen them before I made my version dammit.

They were quick to sew, the waistband was a bit over complicated and didn’t really work on the extremely stretchy polyester that I used. The elastic tugged at the buttons on the inside, so the flat front, elastic back didn’t have the desired effect.

hosh pants 2

I used size 3 for Scout who is only 2 but they fit well, so if I were to make them again I think I would lengthen them so that they have a bit of longevity.

They are suitable for boys too, which is a real bonus, and if you buy the pattern through Perfect Pattern Parcel you get 4 other patterns and you choose what price you pay for them. Now that is perfect!

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Perfect Pattern Parcel #2

If you pay $24 or more you will automatically receive a the Prefontaine shorts as a bonus pattern. Come back at the end of the week to see how I get retro with the Prefontaine shorts.


If you have any feedback, advice or thoughts about the Hosh Pants please leave a comment. I would love to hear from you. But…


If you were to ask me, I would say…


What did you learn from sewing the Hosh Pants?

Fabric choice makes a huge difference to even the simplest of patterns.

What new technique did you discover?

How to do a flat front elastic back waistband, using button hole elastic.

What do you like most about the Hosh Pants?

Their simplicity and from such a straight forward pattern you can add your own spin on them with a bit of flair and creativity.

What would you change?

The fabric I used of course.

Will you use the pattern again?

Probably, but I would be more creative with it next time, maybe add pockets, because I love pockets or turn them into shorts.