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Madeit Patterns / kite fold tee illustration

If you have a Madeit Pattern from the FOLD|2 collection, you would have seen the adorable illustrations on the front cover. They were drawn by the everso sweet and super talented Gabi of The Minimi Project.

The illustrations appealed to me because of their loose, charming, modern style.

Baby Ziggy_Madeit Patterns_ blue stripes

Gabi has recently had a baby boy, so I thought it only appropriate that I made him something from a Madeit pattern. Continue reading

JUST ADD DETAIL challenge. Prepare to be wowed.

The brief was to JUST ADD DETAIL to the Ziggy top. I asked some of my favourite bloggers to step up to the challenge. They did, and they nailed it.

I was after uniqueness and that’s what I got in abundance.

But which Ziggy top has the most unique detail? The most out of the ordinary? One of a kind? Something you would least expect? Me and Anna will be judging over the next few days. We’ll let you as know soon as we make our minds up. It’s going to be a tough one. Which one would you choose? Continue reading

Recipe for warm, delicious, refreshing day-to-day style

Ziggy3You will need

  • 1 simple sweatshirt pattern (Ziggy top works well)
  • soft, warm sweatshirt fleece (or anything suitable that you have in your cupboard)
  • a working sewing machine (you can’t use a broken one)
  • an ounce of creativity (to taste)
  • a little imagination (you don’t need lots)

Continue reading

Would you go to dinner with a man who was wearing this shirt?

Steve's shirt

I would rather not.

This shirt may have been fashionable in the 90’s. Actually, it may never have been fashionable at all, ever. And it certainly shouldn’t have enter 2014 as shirt waiting to be worn to dinner.

Are you sitting comfortably? This is the story of Steve’s Pink Shirt.

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Would this hoodie be banned from Bluewater?


It’s like the Swiss army knife of fashion. A sweatshirt with a hat, fingerless gloves, a scarf and a muff. Well actually, it’s a cowl neck hoodie with thumb holes and a pocket but that didn’t sound so good. Anyway, it’s the perfect garment to survive the cold winter months and look stylish at the same time.

It’s cool, it’s cozy, it’s comfortable. It’s pretty, it’s practical, it’s the Peek-a-boo hoodie. But would you associate it with anti-social behaviour? Continue reading