A stealth ninja in floral PJs

Floral PJs_ NeedleandTed_1

The days when silk pyjamas were worn as elegant evening attire are over (I think). But soft, cosy cotton ones are here to stay (I hope). Don’t get me stated about those slovenly people who wear their pyjamas to the supermarket and on the school run, Continue reading

Putting my spin on the Spin Dress

yellow Madeit Patterns Spin Dress 3.jpg

If you’ve got your finger on the pulse, your ear to the ground, your eyes and ears and mouth and nose. Head shoulders knees and toes. Then you would know that Madeit Patterns have just brought out a new pattern. It’s the Spin Dress, an idea sparked by Darcy, because she knows what girls like (and not in a Tine Temapah way).

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Madeit Fashion Week 2016 : Day 1


Welcome to day 1 of Madeit Fashion Week 2016

Madeit Fashion Week is about creativity, inspiration, originality and style. Showcasing DROP, Madeit Pattern’s long sleeves, slash neck, asymmetrical drape dress and top. Made for women who want casual sophistication in their everyday look. Women who want to stay comfortably chic and look good in an understated, effortless way.

We have a great line up of talented ladies showing their version of Drop today, so grab a glass of bubbly and enjoy the shows. But be sure to stick around to the end for the Daily Giveaway.

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