I love it when someone tells me they like what my kids are wearing

Wiggle and Groove3_Nosh fabric_Needle and Ted

I feel proud and smug at the same time if it’s something I’ve made. It’s much more of a compliment than “Did you make that?”.

Last week whilst out with my girls a lady stopped us, “They look lovely, in their matching outfits” she said nodding towards my girls.

“Thank you” I replied, resisting the urge to splurt out ‘I made their clothes’.

I’m not like my mum, my mum looks about 20 years younger than she actually is. She always has done, well not before she was 40, that would be weird. But at any opportunity (or even when there isn’t an opportunity) she mentions her age. If fishing for compliments were an Olympic event, she’d win the gold medal. Continue reading

Finally here, FOLD|2 the new collection from Madeit Patterns

Some of you already know that I became partners with Anna Bruce at Madeit Patterns at the beginning of this year. Right away we got to work, and now I am finally ready to show you the result.


I could go on about how hard we worked, mostly through the night for the last 7 months putting a collection together.


I could spend hours explaining each and every beautiful piece and how it is constructed.

Kite Fold Tee by Madeit Patterns

I could talk about when things went right and when things went wrong. And the joys of creating a new look for our website.

Petal Fold Playsuit_Madeit Patterns

I could tell you how incredibly proud I am of our new collection.

FOLD |2  Pattern collection by Madeit

But I am just going to let the collection do the talking, not me.

Head on over to our new look website and immerse yourself in FOLD|2 the new collection from Madeit Pattterns, inspired by the Japanese art of origami. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Hold up, wait a minute.

But before you go I have some thanking to do. There is no way I could have done all this on my own. So I would like to thank my partner in crime Anna Bruce, I couldn’t have asked for a better partner, her skills compliment and her ideas match. I would also like to thank all the other people who helped get this show on the road… Graham, Jamie, Darcy, Scout, Blake, Toby, Tengo, Hannah, Erin, Mila, Matas, Eve, Mia, Alicia, Gabi, Sarah, Kim, Sara, Maartje, Toya, Maria, Nienke, Diana, Andreia, Diorella, Emi, Julie, Karly, Maria, Alexis, Vanessa, Maria and Abi. Your help was invaluable, your generosity and kindness was touching and your support kept me going through some long tiresome nights. Thank you all, so much. ❤

Now off you go to Madeit Patterns and make use of our special launch offer: Buy 2 patterns and get a third FREE, but be quick, the offer lasts for just 3 days.


Battle of the Stitches: The Jagger Jeans Sew-Off continues

east v south sew off

Put your dancing shoes on and shake your thang.

Jagger jean toes

I’m ready to bust some moves today. I thought about getting down street style, but changed my mind.

dance move5My Jagger Jeans are all about freedom of movement in a modern, contemporary way. Continue reading