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Madeit Patterns / kite fold tee illustration

If you have a Madeit Pattern from the FOLD|2 collection, you would have seen the adorable illustrations on the front cover. They were drawn by the everso sweet and super talented Gabi of The Minimi Project.

The illustrations appealed to me because of their loose, charming, modern style.

Baby Ziggy_Madeit Patterns_ blue stripes

Gabi has recently had a baby boy, so I thought it only appropriate that I made him something from a Madeit pattern. Continue reading

5 Tips for matching stripes

fat and thin nosh stripes1

Mmmm! Stripes

I have a minor obsession with stripes, and a Pinterest board to prove it.

Blog package NOSHSo when I was sent this pretty little bundle with delicious pink ribbon tied around it from NOSH, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Feel the quality, drape it over my skin… (oh sorry, I’m getting a bit carried away… back in the room).

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Would this hoodie be banned from Bluewater?


It’s like the Swiss army knife of fashion. A sweatshirt with a hat, fingerless gloves, a scarf and a muff. Well actually, it’s a cowl neck hoodie with thumb holes and a pocket but that didn’t sound so good. Anyway, it’s the perfect garment to survive the cold winter months and look stylish at the same time.

It’s cool, it’s cozy, it’s comfortable. It’s pretty, it’s practical, it’s the Peek-a-boo hoodie. But would you associate it with anti-social behaviour? Continue reading

8 Wow factor Christmas gifts for boys

8 Wow factor Christmas gifts for boys

Firstly I must apologise for using the ‘C word’ in September. But I have an idea that could make you a very popular [delete as appropriate] mum/auntie/grandma/friend/dad/godmother/neighbour/other at Christmas time.

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