Can’t get enough of Japanese sewing books

Tiered blouse_3

I don’t even remember how my love affair with Japanese sewing books started. My first Japanese Sewing book was a gift from my sister. She had seen it on my Pinterest ‘Wish List’ board, right next to the no colour, no flavour, plain, tasteless, minimalist packaging Nihilist Toothpaste.

She obviously assumed I’d prefer the sewing book to the toothpaste for Christmas. Continue reading

I know, I’ll make a Cocoon Dress


Sometime I use a pattern just once and never to use it again. In fact I do that a lot because I have so many patterns if I stick to the same one I’ll never get through the rest. But some patterns demand you make another and another and another. Continue reading

Who is Mie?

A few weeks ago I received a message from Inês asking if I was interested in making a surprise video for Mie. “Who is Mie?” I replied. There was an assumption that I (along with about 35 other bloggers) knew who she was, without any more information than a three letter name. Continue reading

Shapes and Clothes

Navy drape dress4_Nosh fabric_Needle and Ted

If only you could feel fabric through your computer/mobile/tablet [delete as appropriate], then you would know how heavenly this navy jersey is. You may just see navy blue, knit fabric, which looks no different from any other navy blue knit fabric but it’s not something you can see, it’s only something you can feel.  Continue reading

I’m slightly less crazy than my sister

bowling bagOver twenty years ago, I gave my sister a gorgeous yellow and black, retro style Adidas bowling bag for her birthday. The moment I saw it, I knew it would be the perfect present for her. It was 100% her style and I knew she would absolutely love it. She still has the bag today, but do you know what? She has never used it.  Continue reading