Win some utterly irrististable Bonnie & Buttermilk fabric

Bonne_and_Buttermilk_winter PJs

Even a monochrome lover like myself can’t resist a bold, bright and beautiful print every once in a while. And if it’s a retro style print then it’s definitely got my attention. Bonnie & Buttermilk have a new range of fabric and it’s just as charming and exquisite as their first collection. I made Scout some PJ’s but can you spot the ‘deliberate’ mistake?

No, good. Ha, ha, I suppose you want to know anyway right? Well, the fabric is a graphic representation of parasols on the beach and my parasols look more like those fan wafers you get stuck in your ice cream, because oopsie! I cut the fabric out upside down. But… in my defence, I wasn’t the only one (BIG OOPSIE!!!).

bonnie and buttermilk 1

However, it doesn’t really matter, infact it makes sense in some ways because with all her moving about, Scouts PJs will be the correct way round at some point during the night. This girl has even fallen out of bed and carried on sleeping. Hands up if you can relate to this.

Sweet dreams

bonnie and buttermilk 5.jpgbonnie and buttermilk 1a.jpgbonnie and buttermilk 2.jpg

I love this sunny, cheerful, Bella Umbrella print, I think it’s perfect for PJs, it will have Scout dreaming of summer holidays at the beach every time she wears them.

bonnie and buttermilk 4.jpg

When Scout was a baby I used to watch her whilst she slept thinking ‘Wow! I made that”. And you know what? I’ll be thinking the same thing as I watch her sleep every time she wears these PJs. Yep, I’m immensely proud of everything I make 😉.

PJ’s for every season

I had only planned to make one pair of PJs, but I had some fabric left over and just about managed to squeeze in an extra set of PJs for Scout to wear on those occasional hot, muggy nights we have in London. And if she mixes and matches the tops and the bottoms she can wear a different combination every season.


Bonne_and_Buttermilk_PJs vest

For the vest (tank), I used the Gecko Games boys tank pattern from Ottobre Design magazine (Summer 3/2014), but I cut 2 front pieces (instead of a front and back) by mistakes (oops! again).


Bonne_and_Buttermilk_PJs play pants

And for the shorts I used Madeit Patterns, Play Pants (of course!). If there’s left over fabric, Play Pants are ALWAYS a good idea..


Bonne_and_Buttermilk_summer bottoms

For the long sleeve pyjama top I used the tried and trusted Titchy Threads, Rowan Tee pattern which never lets me down.


Bonne_and_Buttermilk_winter bottoms

For the pyjama bottoms, I used a free leggings pattern from Love Notions, which I sized up so that they would be slightly less fitted.


If you are loving Bonnie& Buttermilk fabric as much as I am and thinking about making a purchase, I suggest you be quick or be disappointed. During the last Bonnie & Buttermilk Blog Tour, they sold out of fabric even before the blog tour ended. So do not hesitate, go get yourself some gorgeous fabric.

Now, for the Giveaway

Bonnie & Buttermilk are giving away 1m of fabric of choice to 3 very lucky people. Just click on the link below and follow the instructions to enter and be in with the chance of winning…

Bonnie & Buttermilk Giveaway

Winners will be chosen at random and notified next week. Good Luck!

bonnie and buttermilk 6.jpg

So, has my blog post got you dreaming of making some bright and colourful PJ’s? Or are you yawning at the thought of it?

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